Happy 2nd of December everyone! While I'm slowly returning back to blogging again, I decided to share some pictures of our photoshoot we did a few weeks ago with my co-worker. It was such windy and chilly day back then and we ended up with some lovely moody shots.

Now that we've turned into December I've started thinking about Christmas. What do I really want us to do this year? Do I want to head over to my mum's place? To my husbands mum's place? Or do I want to stay home, wear my wool socks and drink some mulled wine? These are the main questions that have been all around my head. Last year at my mum's place was actually quite a good one compared to other years, oddly.

Do you have any plans for Christmas?


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  1. I love love your photos as always, Jasmin! They're well captured and I love all of the places that you've been to and had taken photos of! ❤️



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