If you've been following me on my social media's, (if you haven't, go ahead and have a look at my Instagram & Twitter), you know that I have been extra-fucking-busy. Do you know the feeling when you have a good look at your calendar and start making up extra hours in the day by simply not sleeping? That's how I've been these past seven weeks. However, things are starting to get a bit better now and as my calendar isn't looking as full anymore, I'm happy to announce that there will be several blog posts coming up until the end of the year. I mean after I get all my Scotland pictures from Petra's laptop by the end of this week. I took my charger but left the laptop home, silly me.

However, the highlight of these past weeks, the cherry on top of the cake - as one could say, was the fact that I just returned home from Scotland. Not the homecoming part, even though I'm very happy to reunite with my boys again, but the fact that I spent a flipping weekend in Scotland. It was by far one of the best experiences I've had during these almost 24 years I've spent on this planet and it was also very much needed after these weeks being extra-fucking-busy. And meanwhile all my pictures are still in Scotland, I decided to make the most out of what I have in my phone - let's roll on to the awesome things I experienced during this weekend!

Here are 20 freaking awesome things I experienced in Scotland, in no particular order:
(Also, I'm not going to explain them in this post, as I'm planning on writing separate posts about each experience, but I'll definitely link them here as soon as they get published - so keep your eyes peeled this way!)

1. Edinburgh
2. Edinburgh Christmas Market
3. Saw the cemetery where J. K. Rowling took her inspiration for the names of her characters. (Yes, I'm a Potterhead, sue me.)
4. Domino's Pizza.
5. Edinburgh Pizza Geeks pizza.
6. Festive Village at Waverley Station drank some Winter Warmers & listened to a damn good live music. And that atmosphere! Holy shit it was wonderful.
7. Proper Scottish pub, The Jolly Judge, if anyone's interested.
8. Learned to understand how Scottish people speak. It took a while, but I got there. It's freaking amazing.
9. The whole atmosphere in the city, I absolutely loved it. These things can't be bought with money and I love to suck in the way people are and talk and behave, it's the most rewarding thing one can learn and experience.
10. I got to go to Primark after almost three years! And I bought a Mickey Mouse back bag!

11. The Highlands.
12. Glen Coe.
13. Loch Ness.
14. Went on a Rabbie's tour and our driver Dave, he was an experience. And such a great storyteller, I could've listened to his stories about Scotland the whole weekend.
15. All four seasons in one weekend.
16. Ride on a two-storey bus. On the second floor, in front of the bus.
17. Walk through the tiny alleys of the Old Town Edinburgh. What were they called? Closes?
18. Heard so many amazing folk stories that I actually ended up buying a book about them at the airport on my way home today.
19. Saw a flipping gorgeous sunset at the Highlands.
20. Saw the Highland Coos.

That was a jolly good weekend.


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  1. Great post, I am a big fan of Scotland myself but have not visited in ages. Maybe it’s time to head back again!


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