If I had one word to describe my own Instagram activity in September it would definitely be unmotivated. I didn't have any motivation at all to post, engage or even scroll through the feed. For me, personally, it's a good thing as it means I'm not as addicted to it as I thought I was but for my social media presence, it was a very, very bad thing to do. I can imagine why it's so easy to fall for the bots!

The month divides into two sections; when I got my shit together & when I lost the touch.
We visited in the Winter Garden which is located close to the Stadium in Helsinki and it was such a lovely touch for the end of the summer. Unfortunately, we weren't able to spend there a huge amount of time (just for the insta haha) as D was suffering from his very first ear infection but it was such a wonderful thing to wind off a bit after a few hectic weeks.

Then the Autumn hit me. It was dark and rainy and instead of embracing the new season I fell under a coma of some sort and lost all the inspiration. It wasn't my first time when I lost the inspiration for the gram but it felt like something that had to be done in order to find my love for it again. And to be honest, I'm not so sure if I've found it even by now as I'm typing out this blog post.

Here's literally everything I posted on my Instagram last month. I'd say I did surprisingly well to compare to the fact that I didn't have any motivation at all. I sort of started to feel that juggling between life, work and uni I didn't have any time to go for a hike to the forest. After the surgery I wasn't allowed to do yoga for a few weeks, so aside the gram I had so many things I lost my touch for. Lost the touch that used to keep my days in order. Now I'm on a route to find my way back to those old habits and trying to get my shit together again.

Sometimes you just need a small dive to jump again, right?


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