Last Sunday, we had this extempore idea to hop on a ship and head to Tallinn, Estonia. It's only a two-hour ship ride away and even though I might have mentioned a few times after travelling by ship and not doing it in a while last summer, it was actually my idea. It was pretty cheap too, 20€ there and back from all three of us together. It was actually pretty refreshing to get out of Helsinki once in a while. With my busy schedule, there hasn't been much time for travelling, unfortunately. Luckily, we've got a few trips planned for 2019 and I cannot wait.

We had seven hours in Tallinn and during that, we explored the old town, had a coffee in the most picturesque café and did some shopping (mostly for D but I found some lovely pieces for myself as well). Like I said, this was a lot needed trip away from our day-to-day lives. A nice detach from all the busyness going around, a wonderful time spent as a family.

I'm still not over the fact that the last time I visited in Tallinn was back then when Estonia had their own currency. They've had euros for a while now, but it's weird how fast the time has gone by and how long I've been living a two-hour ship trip away from Tallinn and yet haven't visited. Oh well, not it's finally done. And we'll be going back too, I desperately want to visit at the Christmas market over there so stay tuned for that in December.

After all, it was super nice! More of these, please.

How about you, when is the last time you've done an extempore trip somewhere?


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