Back in July, July 25th to be exact, we ventured to the Old Town of Porvoo. It was such a warm day, over 30°C degrees - I honestly can't remember the time it's been this hot during the Summer. Now that we're turning into Autumn, slowly and steady I feel like I'm actually able to breathe again.
There were four of us; me, D, J and D's godmother. It was such a lovely visit to a place none of us has never been to.

Porvoo is definitely one of those places some might call hidden gems. I cannot believe we haven't spent more time there, considering that it's only a 45-minute drive away from us. It's one of those places I could actually move into. Though, there are plenty of Swedish speaking people too - so I might have a bit of a language wall with them there haha. I should really improve my Swedish from the basics to actually to the point where I am confident enough to speak it out loud. Also, this is the moment when you should note my Finnish way of being modest. I mean, I can fully understand and speak Swedish though I'm not very confident in doing so. I should just start.

If you guys are ever around, I would highly recommend you to visit in Porvoo for sure. It's something you won't regret. Although the old town is quickly walked through in a few hours, it's definitely worth the 45-minute drive from Helsinki. Consider it as a road trip - driving one road straight until you need to make a turn to left haha!

It so fun to discover new places in your own country! This is something I really need to start doing more. I don't know why or what's gone into me, but I find Finland such a beautiful place nowadays. It must be the yoga I've been doing.

Have you recently found some hidden gems in the country you live in?



  1. Finland is definitely a place I want to visit one day. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous, I wish my photography looked like yours!

    Jodie //

  2. As always, your photos are stunning. Porvoo looks lovely, and although it was extra hot I'm sure the sunshine helped you enjoy exploring! Good luck with speaking Swedish, I'm in awe of anyone who can speak more than one language!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety


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