I have been waiting for ages to be able to write this post, as our bathroom is something we haven't gone through over at the blog yet. There's a simple reason for that, as well; because we saved it for the last as there wasn't going to be any major changes. Though I would like to change the floor over there, it's a hell of a work! And especially facing the possible plumbing work there will be done (we don't know when or where, or even at all but there is a possibility for that) it would be stupid to go and make some major changes there at this point.

So here's what it looked like before. Even though the sink cabin is a bit more "thinner" than the new one is, it still looks like it suffocates the room. You know, there's always said that top of the counters should match the flooring in some way but this light brown does not suit in that floor in any possible way. It was also in a pretty bad shape and I don't know what on Earth the previous residents have been doing with it but it looks like it's been wet for way too long. So we got that out and replaced it with a new, Ikea one.

Also, we used to have that mirror cabin kind of a thing and it was just looking like a box. And while our bathroom is small as fuck, I wanted to get rid of the idea of storing stuff behind the mirror so we went for the round one. It's from Ikea and it's part of their Stockholm collection and I am absolutely loving it. Also, when it's dark it kind of justifies the fact that our new sink cabin counter has nothing to do with the colour of our flooring.

So here you have it. We only did some small changes and even though there is no storing space behind the mirror anymore the sink cabin is bigger and there is plenty more storing place. I'm absolutely in love with the change and I'm so happy that we did it. After this, I am going to focus on some bits and bobs, like shower curtains and bathroom carpets. It makes a whole lot of difference to space. Oh, and we got rid of the yellow lamps and replaced them with a proper cold lightning. YAS, I am living for this change.

What do you think about this change we made?



  1. Your bathroom looks so much better, I love all your design choices, especially that new sink!

    Jodie | jodieloue.com

  2. Your bathroom looks so much better now! Your taste in decor is absolutely gorgeous, I love that mirror and your sink is so cute!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety


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