PHEW, what a month last month was! I still haven't wrapped my head around the fact that I'll be having multiple different projects going on for the next four years. And yeah, I like to detach myself from the things by calling them projects. And while alongside the projects there will become a big responsibility, in the projects it's good to know that I am able to take a break if needed. Either way, it's the time of the month again, it's the Blogging Goals time!


Like I've been blabbing on at the multiple times on the past that I'm going to keep my goals as guidelines, it's definitely what this month has in the storage as well. And there will be a new twist on the categories as well, as I've decided to revamp my goals to suit better to my current lifestyle. So, let's cut the crap and do this!

This month, I'm going to spend at least one hour per week devoted only to planning the future content. I am not taking part on Blogtober this year but I will be doing Blogmas this year. And I'm pretty excited about it. I've also planned most of my Blogmas posts, but there can be some changes as well. Also, I've planned on dedicating a week to the blog for Halloween, so exciting things are happening, watch this space.

You know when I'm busy when my blog posts are short. So to keep them in a decent length, I've taken several hours off my calendar during the specific days so I can focus on writing. Writing is something I really don't want to put off the table, no matter what might be going on in my current life.

My goal for the month is to carry my camera around wherever I go. Goodbye iPhone pictures (even though they're good at times, depending on multiple things), and hello pictures shot with my Olympus Pen. I mean, I really need to stop going where the fence is at its lowest and actually take my real camera out once in a while. I'll report back to you on how it went haha!

"Stay positive, work hard & make it happen."

Social Media has been tough for me lately, as I don't have enough time to hang around there and when I've had time all I seem to stumble upon are horrible people (not all, thank fuck) but I've been offline for so many days now. Either way, I've got myself goals for the month - which I probably won't achieve but it's good to have goals if I'm changing my mind about this!

Twitter: 5k
Instagram: 2k
Bloglovin': 1.1k

What are your goals for the month?



  1. Props on doing Blogmas! I thought about it but it seems like so much work, so I'm always impressed when people say they're doing it.

    Megan //

  2. Sound like good goals! :)

    Mariya |

  3. My goal is to increase visits on my blog: this August has been a disconnection month and they dropped... I hope I can achieve my goals.
    And for IG, achieving the 4K!! I hope I can get there ;)


  4. Great goals! I love how organised you are.

    I've not really thought about any goals for my blog and I should really �� maybe work on getting more views.

    My main goal at the moment is it hit 3k on Instagram and 100 likes on my facebook page ��


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