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Nothing very specific or extreme happened on Thursday the 30th of August. I just felt like it would be lovely to give some variation to my days. To help you to understand my day-to-day life a bit better. Although, this is not like any other day I'd have.

I went to uni normally. Though I told them I had to leave early as I've got a doctors appointment later on that day. The doctor's appointment was regarding of the breast reduction surgery I went through exactly a year ago that day.
It was the end of our orientation week, which meant that it was our turn to give our group presentation. I'm not very good when it comes to speaking in public, but considering the fact that all I could think of was the doctor's appointment, the presentation went super well.

I left school around 12pm and still managed to get to the clinic an hour too early! I don't know how perhaps I checked the timetable wrong or something (wouldn't be the first time haha!).

At the doctor's, I had a second surgery. There was some loose skin under my breasts they wanted to cut off. The rest of the day went home, playing Sims and planning an imaginary road trip around Southern-Norway next summer. But in all seriousness, a road trip with a toddler part 2? I could totally be up for that!


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