It's been ages since my last post where I share some series I've been watching on Netflix, so it was about the time I shared my latest obsessions with you guys. I haven't had much time to watch anything lately (thanks to school & work combo), but here are some I've recently finished.

I wasn't sure whether to watch this because of the lead actress (Debby Ryan) as I kind of found her annoying when she starred Disney's Jessie. It actually is still going on the Nordic Disney Channel, even though I'm pretty sure the series has ended already. Until I found out that Christopher Gorham was on it. If you watched Harper's Island back in 2009, he's the one who played Henry Dunn. I could've found something more relevant here, like Once Upon A Time or Ugly Betty but I decided to go with the Harper's Island.

Either way, if you're looking for a series which goes more lunatic the further you dive into the episodes this is the most definitely for you then! I mean, it's built around the beauty pageant scene and as we all know that shit can get a bit crazy sometimes. This definitely does. I can't write a lot about it without giving away something of its plot as I found it pretty predictable, but it's predictable in a good way. Just watch it.

One Day At A Time
One Day At A Time has been the feel-good series I've been watching. My mood instantly gets better after an episode or two. I don't know if it's because there's this one Canadian who really wants to fit in the family of Cubanas and it's just freaking hilarious. And relevant too. They cover up some great issues there is in today's world through comedy. And I'm absolutely loving it.

Champions is another feel-good series I highly recommend you to watch. Imagine living with your brother, living the life in the New York city and right out of the blue your high school sweetheart drops off your son to live with you. It's absolutely hilarious, the whole series. It's one of the basic "hey this is your son, he's going to live with you now" series but I believe it's brought to 2010's (most likely because it's quite a new series).

Borderliner (Grenseland)
Borderliner is a Norwegian thriller. I've been into Scandinavian tv-productions lately and I'm absolutely loving the fact that they've brought more these types of series on our Netflix. Though it might be that it's not available worldwide but I believe it's worth adding to this list as well. A murder shakes a small town in Norway and while I've been considering most of these kinds of series are quite predictable this wasn't one of those. If it's available to you, I highly recommend you to watch it.

Modus, on the other hand, is a Swedish thriller. We have two seasons available in cMore and the first season just arrived on our Netflix a few months ago. The first season is about the serial killer who goes on a crusade and starts killing people for their sins. To purify the area he happens to be on a mission. It's very fucking twisted, to be honest. The series is mixing English and Swedish which was quite a refreshing thing to watch.

What have you been watching lately?



  1. I'm literally about to watch Insatiable! I hope it's a good one!

    Mariya | www.brunetteondemand.com

    1. It was a good one! Though it’s spiced up with some serious dark humour. It can be a bit triggering to some :-)

  2. I really need a new series to watch on Netflix, I've found myself watching Stranger Things over and over. I love the sound of One Day at a Time, I'll add that to my list!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Can’t believe I still haven’t watched Stranger Things! I’ll add that on mine hahaha :-)

  3. Wow! Thanks for sharing this awesome list, I am gonna be adding this on to mine & enjoy them all :) Yeah!! Cheers siennylovesdrawing

    1. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the post!

  4. I’ve not seen any of these! I might have to watch them x


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