I'm the worst at self-doubting myself. I mean, the worst. I tend to overthink multiple things, go through all the what if's in life and I used to doubt my own actions and sayings just because I was worried about what everyone else thought of me. I used to think that I'm not good enough and people wouldn't accept me the way I am unless I changed myself. Does this ring the bell for you? Good. As I'm here today sharing how you can get rid of the self-doubt. It's not going to be easy, it's going to take some time but trust me; it'll be worth it.

Remember that you're doing this for you, not someone else
The thing is, are you consciously doing different things for someone else? It can be wearing coloured t-shirts just because someone said you're always wearing black clothes and you should start wearing something more colourful. It can be that you change the way you behave just because someone has said that they don't like when you chew your food loudly.

Learning that anything you do, you do for yourself in order that you can be comfortable and happy as the way you are is the key. If you like to wear all-black clothing, go for it. If you enjoy the sound that comes out of your mouth when you chew your food loudly, do it. You shouldn't change your way of living your life just because someone else thinks it's not how they would live theirs.

Someone doesn't understand why you are blogging? Good, it's not out of your pocket. It's out of theirs. What really matters in this life of yours is that you're comfortable with what you've evolved yourself into. And along the journey to that, you doubt yourself less.

Know your worth
Accepting the fact that you don't have to be a rug on the floor is one key to getting rid of the self-doubt. You don't have to do things for other people without expecting anything back. You can say no to the events you might not feel comfortable going to. When you care about yourself enough, you know your worth and so does everyone else. Knowing your worth can be on multiple aspects of life, not just financially.

Accept the fact that you can't simply please everyone
There will always be people who don't understand the choices you make in order to make you happy. Those kinds of opinions shouldn't bother you, no matter where they are coming from as you are the one who is living your life not them. I'm planning on writing a separate post about accepting the fact that you cannot please everyone, but just know that you're making choices for you. Not for someone else. Perhaps that kind of people should take a good look at themselves in the mirror, as I don't think anything justifies to judge someone else based on their choices in their lives, in order to make them happy.

How have you gotten rid of the self-doubt? Was this post helpful to you, if you're still on your journey?



  1. This is a really helpful post, and something which resonates with me a lot. For me it boils down to remembering that you're on your own journey, and it doesn't matter what other people think of that. It's impossible to practice that philosophy all the time of course, but I try and keep it in mind.

    Megan // https://pixieskiesblog.wordpress.com

  2. I'm absolutely awful when it comes to self doubt and always have been, for as long as I can remember. I definitely need to give myself more credit where its due!

    Lucy | Forever September

  3. I have struggled greatly with self-doubt. I know intellectually that I can't please everyone, but unfortunately that doesn't stop me from trying. I think you gave good advice when you said in so many words that we should not try to live out other people's dreams in us---that we shouldn't just do something because someone else prefers we do.


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