Travelling with a toddler is challenging and ridiculously fun at the same time. Also, it's amazing to see how they seem to fall in love with everything they see. If you're travelling with your toddler, you might also be interested in my post about "10 things to do in Tromso, Norway with a toddler" as now I'm about to share with you 10 things you can do with your toddler in Åland Islands, Finland. As a side note, we didn't have time to visit in all these places but some of them are what different websites recommend and where we would have wanted to visit if we had enough time. Until next time right?
The first five are the ones we didn't manage to visit & the second five we visited.

Käringsund Viltsafari
This wild safari experience was on top of our list, but when we were about to book our trip there all had been sold out already! So I would recommend you to be early with this one! At Käringsund Viltsafari you can book a 45-minute ride through the wild and gaze all the animals there is, like deers, ostriches and llamas. D would have absolutely loved it, so we'll definitely visit there as a first thing next time we're around.

Åland Maritime Museum
Åland Maritime Museum is said to be the most child-friendly museum in the whole island, and I definitely have no doubts as there is a thing called Kid's Tattoo Thursday. Okay, there is plenty more as well as according to their website:
"At the Åland Maritime Museum, there are a lot of things for families to discover and do. Go aloft, stow cargo and take command of your own ship. Finding the ship’s rat Ruby’s own mini-exhibitions, cleverly hidden in cute little ratholes in the museum, is a task that everybody can get involved in. And don’t miss our imaginative children’s room Ruby and the Sea. Here you can dive into the sea and discover wrecks, secret mermaid grottos and exciting sea creatures."
The Ship Pommern
There's this ship next to the Åland Maritime Museum called Pommern. It's something that the guests can freely explore while they're on board and kids can even play pirates in it! If that isn't the coolest childhood experience ever, I don't know what is! However, it's under construction this summer and it should be all finished and ready to be explored in 2019. You can read more about the experience from their website here.

The Troll Path in Geta
The Troll Path in Geta is a 1-kilometre long fairytale nature trail thingy you can explore with your kids. 

The Viking Market
This is something I would have personally been most interested to check out! Though, we were there a bit too early during the summer.
"The Viking market in Saltvik Kvarnbo on the last weekend in July will propel you right into the world of the Vikings. In the crowds, you will meet bearded Vikings and bejewelled women in beautiful costumes. It takes 25 minutes by car from Mariehamn and 25 from Eckerö. Buses go there every day."

Kastelholm Castle
Kastelholm Castle was such an amazing experience. The exhibit there was focused on to the Witch Trials that took place back in 1666 in Åland and if you fancy a read, you can check out my blog post about our visit!

The Bomarsund Ruins
D absolutely loved the Bomarsund Ruins. They're literally the ruins, as there isn't that much of them left but the husband got a lovely climbing experience out there while D tried to climb after him. Grow up little one, grow - then you can climb up there too!

Lilla Holmen
Lilla Holmen is a small island next to Mariehamn dedicated for kids. There's a beach, playground and all kinds of kid's activities. You can easily spend half of your day there!

Jan Karlsgården
Jan Karlsgården is a farm next to the Kastelholm Castle. You can pet animals there, attend a craft fair on Wednesdays and spot windmills.

Evening stroll around Mariehamn
Or just enjoy a casual evening stroll around Mariehamn & pop up in the small shops.



  1. These are such good ideas! I’m glad you all had fun! 😊 xo

  2. Sounds like there are lots of kid-friendly activities in Åland! The perfect place to take the whole family it seems :) I'm glad you had so much fun there!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

  3. Sounds like such a great place to visit! Thanks for sharing!


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