During our travels, we've stayed three times (so far) in Airbnb's. When we went to Tromso, we stayed for the few nights on the road in the halfway, at Oulu, Finland. It wasn't the most luxurious stay but you'll figure out why we chose it in this blog post. The Airbnb in Tromso, Norway we stayed in had such an amazing Nordic/Scandinavian touch in it. It was an absolute heaven. And we really enjoyed our Airbnb in Mariehamn, Åland as well. Why we've been more into Airbnb's instead of hotels? And especially with a child?

I wish this was a collaboration post but unfortunately, it isn't as Airbnb does have really high standards for their affiliate program. Either way, we have two special reasons why we have been choosing Airbnb instead of an all-inclusive hotel.

Airbnb is cheap
Thanks a lot, Jasmin, for pointing out the obvious. It's a lot cheaper to rent someone's apartment than stay in a hotel for a few nights. And by Airbnb it's reliable and especially when checking on the reviews of the place, you usually can't go wrong with your choice.

Showing our kid how other people are living
This is the most important part of our travels. Even though D is quite small and can't remember things about our travels that much when he grows older he still grows up knowing that not everyone is living like us. He grows up knowing that sometimes you need to take your own soaps to a place you're staying in. He grows up knowing that there are multiple other lodging choices than book a room from the Clarion Hotel. Of course, there are times when we feel like the hotel is a much comfortable choice but it won't stop me trying to show D different lifestyles. And each of these Airbnb's we've stayed in have shown him three different ways of Nordic living.

In Oulu, he saw the usual way how the average-income Finns outside of the capital are living.
In Tromso, he saw how a wealthy Norwegian family is living.
In Mariehamn, he saw how the people who are living in Finland but are living like Swedish are living. 

And those are life experiences and stories I'm not able to teach him.
And while I'm trying my best as a mum to teach him to value his life, what he has, I also want him to see that there are different lifestyles, different cultures and most importantly I want to teach him to respect what's someone's own. And after all our travels and our future travels, I can't do anything else than hope it's been working out.

Why would you choose Airbnb over a hotel room? Would you?



  1. I love airbnb! Totally agree with everything you said, it's a very different experience to being in a hotel. I really prefer that you get a much more local vibe, and I also love being able to cook my own food, as often being a vegetarian in a country where you don't speak the language can be difficult. Awesome post!

    Megan // https://pixieskiesblog.wordpress.com/

  2. I love staying in AirBNBs over hotel rooms because it feels much more like a home. We save money by bringing along some groceries and preparing some meals in the home. Also, both my husband and I are introverts. When we travel, it can be exhausting to be around people all day and in GO, GO, GO mode the whole time. We prefer to take some time to just chill, too. At a hotel, all you can really do is lay on a bed. But with an AirBNB we can chill watching tv on the couch or drinking coffee in a breakfast nook. I love it!


  3. Love airbnb and its local equivalents - we've stay in cottages and apartments when ever we are away. It's much easier as you don't need to worry about taking cooking gear etc. As you say it's a really good way to experience life as the locals do. Love Bec :-)


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