I absolutely love it when I've got my cup of coffee in the morning. And what makes the feeling extra special, is when I have my cup of coffee in the morning and in a place with an amazing view. Let's talk about that, shall we?

Uffe På Berget is located in Finström, Åland Islands and it's by far one of the most amazing places I've ever had my morning cuppa. Even though the fika experience wasn't as good as I could have imagined (coffee & bun, 5€ in total and the bun were a bit rubbery-ish) the view was absolutely worth it all.

Close your eyes and imagine arriving, no wait a second - try to remember all I've written and then close your eyes and start imagining.

Imagine arriving at a little parking spot, with no asphalt in it and it's a wonderful sunny summer day. You begin to walk to your location and see a cute wooden sign guiding you to walk on top of the hills. The path you are walking is plain rock, with small pines growing around it. When you look up, you see this lovely wooden building on the top of the hill and when you arrive, look around you; you see the endless sea of woods and well, the actual sea.

What makes this cafe even more special, is that you can climb up to the tower and see even further. It costs 2€, even though the climbing up there was enough of a payment already (just kidding, it could have been more expensive).

Have you visited a cafe with a view?



  1. That is one amazing view to enjoy with your coffee! What a relaxing start to the day! That morning coffee ritual is oh so important! Charlie xo

  2. That is breathtaking, also I have been practicing how to say Aland. I think its my new favorite word.

  3. Stunning! There was a cafe we went to in Miami that looked out over a natural atoll pool and the ocean beyond. I always thought their food and drinks tasted better simply because of the view. I'm sure if I ate them any place else they wouldn't make the cut, haha!

  4. Looks like a beautiful spot! I love coffees with a view too :) xo

  5. Coffee is always nicer when you have time to enjoy it rather than just drinking it to stay awake for work haha. Plus that view, I mean, that is a winning cup of coffee!


  6. Oh my gawd honey check out those views! I'm kind of in love with this spot right now. Also... I spot a pastry. What is it? NOM!
    Katja xxx

  7. This photos are so stunning!

  8. OMG the pictures are so so awesome, so inviting.. beautiful post

  9. What an amazing view!!! Looks incredible 😊 xo

  10. Wow! This is an incredible place for a cafe! It's a shame you didn't completely enjoy the bun but the view must have more than made up for it!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety


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