Being positive is something I've been struggling with lately, especially now after returning to work. I've been pretty close to falling onto my old habits at work, like heading on the roof and smoking a lot (it's pretty exhausting, the job I am in, not physically, and not even emotionally but in some way it feels already that it's slowly draining me) until I remember that they turned the employees smoking area to a freaking restaurant while I was away. So yes, positive thoughts are something I've been trying to hold on to and here I am, sharing three things you can do each morning to (try) achieve a positive day!

Change your alarm tone
I mean, the first thing in the morning I heard used to be "TOOT TOOT TOOT" and it was very loud. What you want to do, is to find an upbeat but also something that will wake you up as an alarm tone. It definitely makes waking up a bit more pleasant!

Sit up on your bed and before you stand up, take five deep breaths
When you're focusing on your breath, think about the upcoming day and find at least three positive things in it. It makes your morning calmer and if you want, you can write those positive things down on a piece of paper after your little breathing exercise. Then, you can either leave it on your nightstand or put it in your purse or a pocket and take it with you to face the day.

Even if you're not feeling like it; SMILE
You can trick your brain to feel more positive just by smiling, according to some scientists. After all, it's worth trying out.

What are your tricks on achieving a positive day?



  1. I hate the sound of the alarm in the morning too, that for I have chosen to wake up with a radio alarm!!!

  2. This is such good advice, I think like we often feel like we are stuck in a bad mood when really we can CHOOSE to be more positive about some things!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

  3. I co-sleep with my baby so I'm woken up by him poking my eyes and ears lol. That's my alarm. What I always do is smile and give him a kiss goodmorning! His face always sets a great tone to my day :)

  4. Hey Jassy!
    I loved the tip for the deep breaths in the morning - it’s something I wouldn’t have thought of.
    The mornings are very hard for me because I haven’t been at work or school for a few months, and I’m starting my new job on monday and I have to change the time when I wake up.
    Waking up at 5-5;30am is terrible at the moment. Now it’s 7;30am and it’s hard. I’m so sleepy!

  5. Love these suggestions! I find that your morning routine is so important for setting the tone for the rest of your day - if you start off positive that can only be a good thing! My alarm tone has been driving me nuts these last few weeks - I will definitely be changing it!! Charlie xo

  6. Oof! I've gotta work on #2. Since my alarm is on my phone, I have to pick it up to turn off the alarm...and then once it's in my hand I start checking things. I need to learn to set it back down and BREATHE before diving into my day like that.


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