My baby is halfway on becoming a two-year-old and holy cow he's been growing up fast since the last update. I'm glad I'm still keeping up with these updates via my blog as I really love to go back and see what he was up to in the past. So much has changed, last year he was only a 6-month-old just learned to turn and now he's growing his vocabulary and running from place A to B. What's the rush little one?

He wants to read a book, he picks up the book and brings it to me. Then tries to climb to my lap and that's how he is signalling he wants me to read a book for him.
He wants water to his swimming pool, he picks up an empty bucket brings it next to our kitchen water tap and repeats "vettä! vettä! vettä!" (="water! water! water!").
He wants to drink something, he brings me his cup and says "vettä." All the liquids are water for him but if he gets mad at me for giving him water I switch it to milk and ask if it was milk that he wanted.
He wants help with opening his Lego bag, he says "appu" which is his version of Finnish word "apua" (="help" in English). "Appu" also applies to "lamp" (=" a lamp").

He knows a bunch of words and what they mean, even though he isn't quite sure how to spell them yet. Some of those words are "ruoka" (="food") and "auto" (="a car") for example. Food is "kooka" for him and a car is "kooko" for him. Then there are words he doesn't have a word for, like the vacuum cleaner but when I ask him where the vacuum cleaner is he points at it.
Oh right, every plant there is in the world are "kukka" (="flower"), which I find rather funny because I've always thought "puu" (="tree") would be easy to say but he just can't form it in his mouth just yet. Though, when he plays with the trains "tuut tuut" (="toot toot") come out effortlessly.

Each evening before his bath we pick up his toys from the floor together and put them on their places. He really enjoys when someone is clapping for him and saying "yay" when he does something right, so that's been working for him in this situation. He loves to help out when he knows someone is proud and thankful for what he's done afterwards.

He's been eating quite fine, though I'm not sure if it was because of the heatwave or if he had a bigger teeth growing process going on (or a mix of them both) he almost stopped eating completely for a few weeks. He went with smoothies (he was drinking from a straw) and popsicles I froze from the leftovers of the smoothies. And bread. Sometimes he ate casually three plates of lasagna. But thank goodness he's gone back to his normal self now. And he eats all by himself with a fork or a spoon. And it goes to his mouth!
We have also practised on drinking from a real glass, mainly because he wants to drink from a glass like we grown-ups do and he's actually pretty good at it. Could it be goodbyes for the kid cups?

Guys, we're running. And falling down, then running again. He's learned that his legs can take him for miles! And oh boy he's running fast.

He sleeps through the nights, although he's started waking up at half past five in the mornings instead of his usual eleven in the morning wake-ups. That just means that the hubby and I need to find ourselves from our bed earlier in the evenings.

I cannot believe how much has changed in the past year. Next time I'll be writing his 2-year-old update! How on Earth the time is flying this fast?



  1. sounds like he's really getting the hang of words/meanings - kids usually understand way more words than he can say - I the uk the health visitors do tests on kids - they're pleased if toddlers can say more than six words.
    Really interesting to hear what Finnish words are - thank you.
    hope you all have a great weekend. It's sunny here.
    Love Bec

  2. What a charismatic little chap. Such a cutie

  3. He's a little trooper isn't he! I feel kinda privileged that I've seen him born and grow following your blog. 😊
    Katja xxx

  4. He's so adorable! I think it's so great that you're blogging about his journey and milestones as one day you'll be able to look back on all of this and reminisce! x

  5. He just gets cuter and cuter! What an amazing little boy ❤️ well done mum! Xo

  6. This is such a cute post, I love the idea of having these updates to look back on and remember what he was like at certain ages. Sounds like he is making great progress with things! I love when toddlers start to run, haha, I can imagine it means parents never get any peace again though!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety


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