For our most recent trip, we decided that instead of a hotel we're staying in Airbnb. Just like we did on our way to Tromso in Oulu and during our visit to Tromso. I really want to show D some diversity in a way different people from different cultures are living and Airbnb is simply the perfect way to do so!
We rented this one bedroom+kitchen flat close from the centre of Mariehamn. It was in such a convenient place and by car, we were able to go out and about around the main island of Åland. There is still so much we want to do, so don't wonder why we're already planning our next visit to Åland haha.

Our flat in Mariehamn was on the side of an old house, so it kind of smelled like an old house. However, I really liked the smell. You know, the smell of an old wooden house? It gives a nice touch to it. Feels like you're at your summer cottage!

Unfortunately, I didn't remember (what kind of a blogger am I!?) to snap pictures from anywhere else than the bedroom. But you can definitely have a peek to the apartment via Airbnb here.

Do you enjoy seeing how other people live?



  1. I love Airbnb, especially with the baby as you need the facilities! Tromso is one of my favourite places and I want to explore more of Finland. - Amy

  2. I love airbnb! Haven’t been in a hotel in the years. Looks like you had a great time and love your images! X - Lauren

  3. Really love that nautical interior! So orpret

  4. Wow I'm loving all the nautical interior, I think it looks amazing :) Great post with gorgeous photography as always :) xx

  5. Airbnb's are the best, they're so much more affordable and feel much more personal. I love this nautical design, that wallpaper is incredible!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxietyv

  6. I love, love, love the nautical vibes in this decor!! AirBnB is so convenient and often such good value - I’m a huge fan! Charlie xo

  7. I've never stayed at an Air bnb but always been intrigued! The photos you got are lovely though, I love the nautical theme!

    Ashley |


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