If you are looking for a perfect Instagram photo location and you happen to be in Stockholm, Sweden at the same time - Rosendals Trärdgård (Rosendals Garden in English), is your place to be!
Imagine a place full of greenery, cafés hidden in the bushes and greenhouses you can pop by for a visit, buy a plant or two or just enjoy a warm cup of coffee. Or you can go full-on Swedish and have a proper fika (= cup of coffee with a cinnamon bun).
Rosendals Trädgård is located in the Djurgården area - right next to an amusement park Gröna Lund.
You can easily get there by a tram number 7 (to Djurgården) next to NK department store. It's only a few stops away. If you want to walk there, that's possible too.

I wish we would have had the possibility to pop over by all those amazing cafés there were but something must be saved for the next time, right?

Rosendals Trärdgård is definitely one of my favourite places to visit while in Stockholm.

Have you ever been to Stockholm? Have you visited Rosendals Trädgård?



  1. I haven't visited Sweden yet, but I will definitely keep this place in mind, the greenery, the plants, they all look so beautiful and I find such places very refreshing

    1. I highly recommend you to visit in this garden. It’s like a hidden gem that everyone knows about haha :D

  2. I have never been to Stockholm but I would really love to. This place looks so peaceful and pretty! Would love to visit! :)

  3. This place looks so aesthetically pleasing. love the greenery and calm atmosphere... It will sure look good for Instagram pictures

  4. Such an amazing place! Really so Instagram-friendly! The flowers are beautiful and some of them unique.

  5. You're right, this place is definitely instagrammable. I'm sure it'll match my feed too. Your photos are beautiful, thanks for sharing this!

    Love, Fads | The Ästron

  6. Oh wow, these shots are stunning! I'm dying to visit Sweden sometime!


  7. Wow how pretty? I've never been to Stokholm myself but all your pictures are making me want to :) your photography is so beautiful too! xx

    Kate |

  8. This place is so beautiful. If I ever decide to visit Sweden I sure would make an effort to visit this garden

  9. Gorgeous! I will certainly check it out when I travel to Stockholm - reminds me of Petersham Nurseries in London.

  10. This is giving me so much plant inspo!! Now that we have a little bit of outdoor space I've been feeling some plant-lady urges. I planted 5 little guys in a bed behind our house last night. Now seeing this greenhouse I feel like going to the store to buy 50 more! :)

  11. I haven't been to Stockholm but if I do go I'd love to visit here! There's something so relaxing and inspiring about chilling out with lots of plants surrounding you. I love your photos, they are so beautiful.
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety


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