These past weeks have been amazing for a handful of reasons. Not only that I went and got into that flipping school I've been trying to apply for the past 4 years I saw one of the artists that I've been highly looking up to since I've been on my early teens. I mean, the story behind Eminem is simply as amazing as the music he makes is.

There were some songs from his latest album and then there were the ones I expected to see the most. It was definitely worth the money and I am so happy about getting the chance to see him perform live. One of the ultimate life goals on my list of life goals, perhaps even two has been fulfilled.

Have you seen Eminem perform live? There's a highlight on my Instagram of his gig.



  1. Firstly, congratulations on getting into the school you wanted! So exciting.
    I haven't seen Eminem live but I do really enjoy his music. I bet it was a really fun gig, I can imagine he puts on quite a show!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

  2. I have never seen Eminem perform live, there's only a couple of his songs I like but I can imagine he's a fantastic entertainer at one of his gigs! Very talented man :) x x
    Ellis // http://www.elliswoolley.co.uk

  3. I LOVED Eminem back in the day. So jealous you got to see him perform live!

    Also, congrats on getting into the school you wanted!


  4. Wow! Eminem is great! I would definitely love to see any of his concert and listen to Lose Yourself live. Frankly, I think except of maybe two other singers I'd love seeing his concert the most.

  5. Its been so long that I haven't seen a live show, though I am into events.. always end up managing backstage and never get a chance to enjoy live shows like an audience

  6. Super jealous! Did you notice the sign language interpreter? I'm obsessed with the video that's floating around about her!! :) https://twitter.com/mattwhitlockPM/status/1010005280506220544

  7. Congratulations. On getting into school Jasmin. An eminem concert sounds really cool.... I haven't really anything eminem since after 8mile movie

  8. Congratulations Jasmin! I am so happy for you! Loved Eminem and still do - must have been amazing concert!

  9. Wow I bet it was amazing to see Eminem live, sounds like it was one amazing night.. and massive well done too! :)

    Kate | www.katelovesx.co.uk


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