Okay guys, as if it's a flipping July already? I keep repeating myself each time I'm writing a new blogging goals related blog post and I'm not even sorry about that. One of us needs to be that cliché rolling around the Blogosphere asking how on earth time goes on and months keep flashing by in front of us.

I firmly believe that I stepped up my writing game last month. And I really do hope that you guys saw it too. I've been struggling a lot lately, to find my way of doing this thing and I'm happy that so many of you have stuck with me even though I'm a bit of a mess sometimes. None of us is perfect, you know, and we don't need to be. It's our voice and our space and if you're not happy in it - find a new one. But on a serious note, I think I'm going to try and keep up this thing for the July as well. Especially now when I don't have any studies to bother my motivation for writing.

I'm going to share a lot of travel-related content this month too. Consider yourself warned.

I'm still lacking motivation for photographing. I kind of want to take those usual blog photos but I really do enjoy bringing snippets of my life into these posts, with pictures that have nothing to do with the actual blog post. I'm being weird and I need to get a grip.

"You're your worst enemy, stop being such a self-critic."

Twitter: 4,5k
Instagram: 1,7k
Bloglovin': 1,1k

What are your goals for the month?
Do you find yourself criticising your own work?



  1. I always do that to myself, thinking and saying that I am not good enough, smart enough, etc. But then again, I check my progress and I think I have done great things so far. Weird things, ha ha!
    Good luck with your new goals Jasmin!

    1. They sure are! Thank you Helene :-)

  2. I LOVE your photography/the pictures you include in your posts! That's one of my favorite parts about your blog!! My blogging goal for the rest of summer is to work on building up my email list so I can start sending out more consistent stuff through that channel. Still not quite sure of the best way to do that. Argh!

    1. I am so happy to hear that! Thank you! :-) I’ve heard MailChimp is good for the email lists xx

  3. Good luck with your blog goals! Everything gets a lot harder when you're studying too! I work and stare at a computer for 6.5 hours as part of my job, so blogging is the last thing I want to do when I get home. Ugh. Come to New Zealand and hit me with your motivation stick, too. I need it!

    xo, Victoria

    1. I’m already dreading the days when I’ll be at school, working part-time and being a mum, oh and a blogger at the same time! Shit is going to get interesting after 20th of August!

  4. I never really set goals for myself on a monthly basis. However, I am really not happy on how my stats are (for the blog and also my social media) and I am trying to get those numbers up this month. I hope, it works :)

    1. Fingers crossed you've done well this month! I wish you good luck for the rest of the days :-)


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