I feel like I keep repeating myself for the fifty millionth time throughout all these blog posts about our trip to Tromso, Norway - but seriously, I didn't have in my mind that it would be so warm up there. The Gulf Stream was definitely on our side during the trip. Although, the forecast wasn't. It promised rain for the whole week even a day before we left home, so obviously, we had packed warm clothes with us. Next time we need to pack our summer gear too, just in case and see the whole car explode from all the stuff there is.

Beach with a mountain view
Holy crap everything looked just amazing. White sand, crystal clear water and the mountains with a snowy peak in the background. The whole beach is just an Instagram heaven just to put it that way.

The Arctic Ocean is just stunning. It's so clean compared to our Baltic Sea. I was able to see tiny fish swimming close to the shore and meanwhile back in Finland if I went to the beach, I could go to the Baltic Sea to the level of water reaches my knees and I wouldn't see my toes anymore. Cleanliness is what I loved in Norway the most. Feels like here in Finland, especially in the Southern parts, we've lost the respect to our nature. We don't care anymore and we dump all our shit in nature. Then there are people who say the Climate change doesn't exist and if it does, it's not because of the humans.

Is there such thing as friendly birds?
I don't know if I have mentioned on the blog before, but I am dead scared of birds. All kinds of birds, they just give me goosebumps and ends me up feeling very uncomfortable. Those two ducks in the picture didn't make an exception.

We were close to the shore while D was doing some toddler experiments with the water (which by the way, was freezing and yet some people actually swam in it!) and the sand, aka eating both while J tried to stop him. Those two ducks came so near to us, I almost ran off the beach haha. I don't know why but it felt like they were coming to eat us.

Sunny, warm morning over at Telegrafbukta beach left me feeling a bit entitled. It was so stunning and everything was absolutely perfect. Close to us was sitting a Norwegian family, two sons, father and mother. They were right out of the commercial. The father was playing guitar and singing while boys played on the beach.

I think these are moments and memories I'm carrying with myself for the rest of my life. That one morning at Telegrafbukta beach. In my mind, I'm taking myself back there as I'm writing this post. Goodness sake how lucky we are, visiting in a place like that.

What's the most gorgeous beach you've visited?
For me, seeing plenty beaches in Florida, Malta, Spain and Finland - this wins them all for sure.



  1. I cant get over how white the sand is in your pictures! The view is stunning as well, what a gorgeous beach! ��

  2. WOW!! That view is amazing!


  3. No wonder you are writing about Tromso many times- this place is amazing! Love your pictures :)

  4. This place is magical,lovely photos. Hope D had great time xoxox

  5. What a beautiful morning at Norway! I wish I could be there in this peaceful place.

  6. Gorgeous photos and the beach looks amazing :)
    I've never been to Norway, but it always looks so beautiful on the photos i've seen.
    Clem xx

  7. The water and sand look gorgeous, but with the snowy mountains in the background, there is no way I would go swimming in it! Props to people that did. Your baby is adorable!! My favorite beach was in Hawaii - The Black Sand Beach. Yes, the sand is completely black from the volcanoes and it was awesome! The 10-foot waves weren't to bad either! :)

  8. I can see why this beach would rank up there with the most beautiful you've been to! But it DOES look cold...I can't believe there were people swimming!! :)

  9. Wow, this is such a picturesque place, I am sure it would have been good fun visiting


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