Heading up North with a toddler? Don't worry - I've got you covered.
Today I am sharing with you 10 things you can do in Tromso, Norway with a toddler. There's actually plenty to do and some of all of it is even free, so could it get even better?
There's nothing stopping you from visiting in the "Paris of North" now, is there?

10 things to do in Tromso, Norway with a toddler

Visit at the Telegrafbukta beach
Telegrafbukta beach is in the south of the island of Tromso, located right next to Tromso Museum. We actually left our car parked in the yard of the museum as the beach park lot was full of cars when we visited back in May. It was surprisingly warm back then, some people were even swimming in the Arctic Ocean. It's such a lovely way to spend an afternoon, have a walk by the beach and it's such a lovely location even for a picnic.

See the Arctic-Alpine Botanical Garden
The Arctic-Alpine Botanical Garden was pretty impressive I must say. It's perfect for people with allergies, like me ha-ha, and it was so fun to see what kind of things grow in an arctic environment. D was enjoying it a lot too, as he got to walk around and wonder all the rocks there were in huge piles. So I highly recommend you to visit there with a toddler, they're extremely into rocks - from what I've noticed!

Take a walk at Storgata
Storgata is "the shopping district" of Tromso. There are plenty of beautiful small shops and cafés to pop by and the atmosphere is just wonderful. Also, right next to Tromso Cathedral, there is the most beautiful library I've ever seen. I'm kind of jealous of their library, it's so pretty.

Visit in Museums
My bubba is a frequent museum visitor (I mean honestly, I've dragged him with me to multiple museums during his small life) and there are museums like Perspektivet, Tromso museum, Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum and Polar Museum which all of them I highly recommend everyone to visit. Some of them were even free!

M/S Polstjerna
Also known as M/S Polar Star, which is a boat made for seal hunting. As tragic as it sounds, it was pretty impressive to see. And kids will love it too, despite the fact that it brought home more than 97 000 seals back in its days!

Visit at Jekta Storsenter
It's a shopping centre located close to Tromso Airport, we spent there a good hour or two on our third day and it was so super lovely. It doesn't differ from other shopping centres around the world anyway, but there were plenty of nice shops we don't have here in Finland, so I thought it deserved its place on this list.

Fjellheisen, Tromso
The cable car on top of the Storsteinen mountain was absolutely my favourite part during the whole trip. Oh wow, how can one tiny person feel even smaller in this beautiful world? It was a bit pricey - D was free, but from us two adults it was around 40€ but it was definitely 100% worth it. I'm dreaming of hiking on top of there one day.

See the Arctic Cathedral
I'm not a religious person by any means nor am going to raise my children to be ones, but holy shit if there's a beautiful church to see it's worth seeing. And Arctic Cathedral sure is one of them. And also, if you're visiting Fjellheisen you can see the Arctic Cathedral on your way there, so it's two flies killed with one stone there!

Visit at the Prestvannet lake
It's such a beautiful lake, so if you're travelling by car I really recommend you to go and check that out. I love the nature in all its forms and if you're anything like me, that lake is a must see.

Go anywhere near the ocean
Ocean+mountains are the views I don't think anything can beat.

Have you ever travelled with a toddler? What do you usually do?



  1. Such a beautiful place! And so many things to do! I love seeing your pictures with little Dino.

    1. There are so much to do for sure! :-) thank you Helene!

  2. We love the scene in Norway! We would love to take our litlte one there! Thanks for all the tips.


    1. I hope you do! :-) it’s truly amazing place :-)

  3. These all look like super fun activities - with or without a toddler in tow! I'd love to visit someday and do them all!!

    1. I highly recommend you to visit! :-)

  4. Norway is looking so nice. Didn't expect that they are so family friendly destination. Seems like you have had a lot of fun :D

    1. Hahah anything is family friendly, if you do a good investigation before going there :-)

  5. Never been to Norway (yet) but Storgata sounds like a really nice place to take a walk at.

  6. Such a great place, I really love the photos! It looks really quite and peaceful, I would love to visit it sometimes.
    Norway must be so beautiful.

    1. I highly recommend you to visit there! It’s beautiful all year round :-)

  7. I can’t get enough of your amazing pictures from Tromso! Great tips - it must be amazing showing Dino the world 🌍

    1. I cannot wait to show him more! :-)


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