I'm so excited about this blog post. I don't know why, but I'm buzzing. I guess it's because I've never shown what's in someone else's bag before. Either way, D is having a shitload of stuff with him. You know, babies. They need so much everything. I tried to keep it simple though.
I started with the basics. We're on the road for how long? 10 days. 10 shirts & 10 pants. Does he even have that many of them? It was an interesting burst of thoughts inside my head. We don't basically have any place to wash our clothes until we get back and to my mum's place on Saturday, but then it would be basically pointless to wash them as we're getting home on Sunday. I also learnt that D has a shitload of clothes, so that was a good thing - for a change. So what does D have with him in Norway?

- toothpaste & toothbrush
- brush
- Bepanthen
- Aqualan Plus
- Xylitol pastils
- Vitamin D drops
- Panadol, if he happens to get ill
- thermometer (so we can see if he's having the fever)
- a pack of nappies
- towel

All I mentioned above already sounds like a shitload of things. Luckily, they all fit in one of my makeup bags (I knew there was a reason to have three; my son can be fashionable with my Ted Baker makeup bag). The pack of nappies doesn't fit in his bag, but it seems like it was worth to mention as he's not dry yet.

D is having his Vans & walking shoes with him. They support the leg every way possible. He also is having his winter shoes with him, as they are warm and they are water resistant. 3 pair of shoes? Well, at least they're tiny!

He's got t-shirts, bodysuits, long-sleeved shirts, jumpers... I just casually took everything I found from his closet. Better to have too many clean clothes with us, than being a week wearing dirty clothes. There might be a few too many, but as I said - more is better in this matter as we aren't able to wash our clothes anywhere.

I took all his pants for the same reason I took all his shirts. Haha. Oh by the way, I've purposely left out things from the pictures. Who's interested in all D's pants? Yeah, that's what I thought haha!

- jumpsuit for the car journey
- softshell overalls, waterproof
- yellow jacket
- mittens, beanies, scarf

I didn't pack his winter overall with us, as the temperature isn't supposed to drop down below 0°C during our stay. If it gets cold, he'll be fine his jumpsuit underneath his softshell.

PHEW, and this was only his bag! Kids need a lot of stuff when you're travelling with them, especially during the Winter/Spring time if you're travelling to somewhere where it can get cold.
Although, I don't want him to get ill so that's why I make sure he's properly dressed for every occasion.



  1. I love the Fjallraven Kanken bags, they are so perfect for fitting so much stuff in! Kids sure do need a lot of stuff, although I can't wait to have my own and be packing their bags as perfectly as you've packed D's! Lovely post.

    Holly from The Art of Being Holly xo

    1. Hahah, only wish if everything had fit there for real! Fjällraven Kånken's are my favourite!

  2. D is one fashionable fella! Love the joggers 😍

  3. How cute are these photos! And D, he is such a stylish little boy! Children's clothes are so pretty!

  4. D seems to have a good survival kit for many occasions with him. :) A lot of cute little things there!

  5. You definitely thought of everything! So many adorable teeny-tiny outfits. :) (Side note: I wish I could pack all my pairs of pants comfortably into one bag, haha!)

    1. Everything else than the fact that it was like summer out there :D


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