Last Monday, I had this insane inspiration to build a teepee for my little one. You know, the ones you can buy from the store cost a shitload of money so I decided to get away with it a bit cheaper.
Also, I'm going to share with you how I did it, how much time it took from me and what you actually need for building your children their own teepee.
This took me 0€ to build, but to be fair we have just renovated our apartment from floor to the top so we have all kinds of wooden pieces still floating around our closet.

You will need:
- 4 wooden sticks, I'd say the ones I used were a bit taller than me, so I'll go with 180cm. They came with the packaging of our Smeg fridge, so hey - this is environmental DIY too!
- A duvet cover
- yarn
- clothes pegs (or something to keep the duvet cover together)
- fairy lights (totally optional, but sure as hell magical)

Step 1:
Place all your four sticks like they would sit in a teepee. It's kind of a tricky one, so if you need - you can ask someone to hold them.

Step 2:
Start wrapping the yarn around the thinnest part of the sticks. Just wrap as many times you feel like it won't fall apart anymore & make sure you'll get it tight.
You can also drill holes in your sticks if you want to, but I didn't have a proper equipment for that. Although, this seems perfectly steady too.

Step 3:
Place your teepee where you want it to be and then dress it up with your duvet cover. I used clothes pegs to make sure it won't fall off the teepee.

Step 4:
Place your fairy lights as you like.

Step 5:
Decorate your teepee.
For the flooring, I used D's, old baby duvet and his baby blanket. I wrapped the blanket around the duvet and got a lovely floor to the teepee. I also added some decorative pillows - one from our sofa and another one I made him by myself for a while ago.

Then it's ready to be played in!
D absolutely fell in love with the one I did for him. At first, he was a bit suspicious but now I can't even get him out of there anymore haha. I think it's such a cosy add to his toy corner in our living room.

Have you ever built your kids something like this, did they enjoy it?
Did you find this tutorial helpful for the future? 



  1. This is beyond adorable! I was also obsessed with little indoor tents as a kid! :-)

    1. So was I! I had Teletubbies themed one haha :D

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous! And D seems to love it, I am sure he ll spend a lot of time in there! Well done Jasmin!

  3. How cute is this Jassy! I would make this even for myself and I am 26 years old. :) it seems that yout baby boy is really enjoying in this indoor tent. :)

    1. Hahah, we do spend some time in there together. Reading books :D

  4. Awww adorable. And yes the lights are magical.

  5. Such a cute set up and so simple too! Can't wait to give it a go! x

    1. YAS! Let me know if/when you do! Can't wait to see it xx


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