During our road trip, we didn't want to drive up North straight away for 15 hours, so we booked a room from Oulu via Airbnb to stay overnight. The location was wonderful, it wasn't too far from the road E8 which goes from South to North and the hosts were absolutely wonderful!

It wasn't a five-star hotel room but it was something that was definitely enough for us for one night on our way to North and back. We stayed there for two nights in total.

It was 19€/night, so a total bargain to be sure.

When spending a night in Airbnb and booking for one, I pay a lot of attention for the hosts and what kind of reviews they've had. For me, it's more important to know about the hosts that what the room actually looks like and everyone had reviewed the hosts so well.
They were super nice & took all the awkwardness away from staying in someone's house you don't know. It's definitely the best thing.

If you're looking for a cheap place to stay for the night with some lovely hosts, this is your place to be. You'll find their room from the Airbnb website. (not an ad, thought that it would have been nice to include here). 

What kind of Airbnb's you've stayed on?



  1. This is so cute! Such a great place for friends coming for a little sleepover! Thanks for this!

  2. This was really a bargain, perfect to stay overnight or a few more days.

  3. Prioritizing the host reviews over the reviews of the space is such a good AirBNB tip. This looks like a perfect place to spend a few nights on the road.

    1. It absolutely was, perfect fo a few nights on the road :-)


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