Time for a monthly Instagram round-up, right? April went by so quick, to be honest. Weeks seemed to go by in a blink of an eye and suddenly we were on May already. I'm pretty excited when it comes to the Instagram content for May and early June and I must say it'll be pretty Norway-ish haha. Whoopsie, although - why not to share all the pictures you want to share?
I've been thinking about posting twice a day so the whole month wouldn't be full of Norway and some content which is more from the moment would get shared as well.

What's going on at my Instagram feed at the moment is the change from Winter to Spring/Summer. And it happens fast. There's a picture where Winter is in its full glory and in the next one the snow and ice are already melting away. That's how seasons change in Finland, really. One day there can be Winter and next day it can all be away in a blink of an eye so, yeap - it shows on my Instagram feed as well. It's funny though, how seasons change.

April on the Instagram was loaded with a bunch of pictures of me and my husband's couple weekend as playing tourists in the city we've been living in for several years. We also managed to pop by over at Ikea last month, that was fun! I was trying to find some photo props but didn't really manage to find anything that appealed to my eye.

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Also, my little brother turned 9 (FREAKING 9!!!!) last month. It has made me feel so ridiculously old and he's so independent and grown up already. That's whats with the throwback picture on the top-left corner. He was a 4-year-old at the time that picture was taken. Insane how fast time flies.

Also, after the Child Fair, I started driving my Instagram feed to a more closer to nature. As all the things we're planning to do in Norway are pretty close to nature so I kind of wanted to start bringing my feed a bit closer to it so the first pictures of Norway wouldn't break the whole thing apart from all the other content I've posted.

Bath ducks were swimming in a puddle, soap bubbles were blown and as I figured out I had been neglecting my own obsession to top-down pictures I managed to have one of those for the first of May as well.

Woah, what a month. Next up, Norway! 
If you want to keep up with our travels to there while we are actually there I really recommend you to go on and follow me on Instagram as all the blog posts I've planned will begin in the middle of May.

I don't know, the whole changing from indoors to outdoors and juggling in between is still a bit tacky thing for me to do, something I can definitely improve on - how do you jump in different styled & located pictures? Do you have a theme on your Instagram? Do you post about your life or are you using it purely for blog purposes?



  1. Your entire feed is stunning... I'd love to have an Instagram like yours! And have an amazing time in Norway. Scandinavia is somewhere firmly on my radar!


    1. Thank you! I'll hope you'll visit here one day :-) you'll going to love it here!

  2. I love all your pictures on Instagram, living in Finland looks amazing, would definitely love to visit one day.

    Heather | x Highland Beauty

    1. Hahah, well... It's all about the perspective! Thank you :-)

  3. Lovely photos. :) I always love to post the things that makes me happy, the places I visit, memories that i have made... But also I have theme that I follow.. I like my feed to be organized pretty well. :)

  4. wow thats amazing you should get paid for these type of images. love the photography seriously amazing.

  5. Wonderful trips with family and your little boy! Snow on April, looks so surreal to me! haha Love your color theme!

    1. Hahaha, snow in April is pretty basic here :D

  6. Your photos are so aesthetically pleasing. Love it!
    xo, Sondra

  7. Your feed is gorgeous! Totally inspiring me to up my game with my photography!

  8. I love your instagram feed posts - might make one like this myself at some point if you don't mind? I love how it opens the moments behind the pictures :) Have a lovely Sunday Jasmin xx

  9. You have such a beautiful Instagram feed - I love how you've documented everything here.

  10. You have really lovely pictures on your IG. Love the effort you put in. It's inspiring


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