15 months... I hate the title, as I'm not the kind of person who refers to their children age with months after the one year mark has been passed, but "1 year and 3 months | Dino" as a title sounded a bit tacky in my own ear, so 15 months it'll have to be.
At first, I thought that after D is a 1-year-old, I'm going to share his updates every 6 months. You know, twice a year. But I must say, so much stuff has happened during the past three months that I have to share with you.

D is eating the same food with us, he's drinking cow's milk and he almost knows how to use a spoon to actually eat something. I think that spoon thing is pretty impressive, he's always had a spoon in his hand while eating but he's been using it for the mixing purposes instead actually using it to put the food in his mouth. He still isn't eating with a spoon, he rather uses his hands but hey - he knows not what a spoon is. So in the last update when I said he knows now which way to hold the spoon, he now knows how to use it. In theory, the actual thing is a different tale. He'll learn when it's the time.

Our goal is to get rid of the dummy before he's 1,5-year-old and we're halfway there! His dentist said that it would be best if we managed to get rid of it before he is two and same with the night time feeds. Although, he doesn't eat during the night anymore (if he sleeps through). So night feeds are basically the every other night thing anymore.
But when it comes to the dummy, we're halfway there! He uses it to fall asleep basically. Naptimes & the bedtimes. He sucks it for a little while, but he rather sleeps without it. Damn, baby-toddlers are weird. But we're getting there.

We don't want to push him to go dry yet, but during these three months we have sat him to his potty, gave him a book he can read and he has actually peed there a couple of times! He's far from being ready to be potty trained, but at the moment we're on the stage to let him know what the potty is & there is a place, other than diaper where to pee to & feel proud of yourself doing so.
But yeah, there's no hurry in the potty training department.

He points at things. The planes, dogs, people, where he wants, what he wants... I love how he's learnt to express his wants instead of going down on the floor & pull a tantrum. And when he points at something, like his rocking horse - we know he is asking for help to climb on it. That's one tantrum avoided if something at least.

He knows the word "no" and uses it.
He knows the word "mum" and uses it when he's mad at me.
He knows the word "poop" & he uses it after it's in his diaper.
I'm actually surprised that he has put out words already. I actually thought that walking & talking (words in this case) doesn't go by hand in hand. Oh, all the children are so different!

He claps. Like really does clap. When he succeeds at something, we clap together. It's adorable AF.

I saved the best for the last! He is walking. He's freaking walking. Last year at this time he was a 3-month-old little bugger and didn't do anything by himself and now he's freaking walking around. I can't believe how much they grow in such a small amount of time.



  1. Dino is the cutest little man ever! I love all the pictures, but especially the one of Dino with the soap bubbles x

  2. He is so adorable! And how he is already 15 months? I remember like yesterday your first posts about Dino! God bless him and enjoy every moment with him!

    1. Hahaha, god doesn't bless anyone in this household.

  3. So many sweet milestones at this age! I love that you take the time to do these posts as it will be lovely to look back on in the future. :)

  4. HOW IS IT 15 MONTHS?!? I remember when you blogged about him being born. How time flies... and he's such a fun and cute little boy.
    Katja xxx

  5. Loved reading this. I can't wait to see what my 8 month old will be doing at this stage!! I love babies/kids! The growth is just amazing to watch.

  6. Oh wow, Dino is growing and learning new things very fast. Every single time you write these updates I’m surprised how fast that little fellow actually grows.

  7. Aww he is adorable! Such cute photos. It's lovely reading updates like this xx

    Tiffany x www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

  8. This is so cute, it's great that you're recording his milestones!

  9. What an adorable little guy! You must be so proud - walking!!! xo

  10. I love reading baby updates and I'm glad you've decided to share more than just the twice a year :) I still do Tyler's every month, because like you say so much seems to happen in just 30/31 days! You've got such a clever little buba haven't you! <3

  11. It's amazing how much changes! I've been doing Dougie updates usually every two months or so - I'm the same, after a year I feel silly counting the months but "a year and 8 months" sounds so silly - I'm starting to say "nearly two" though which is TERRIFYING! YAY for using a spoon! If Dougie is eating by himself then he's fine using his little baby fork and spoon but if we're eating together then he insists on using our forks and spoons, but he's actually pretty good with them and he seems to eat better too!
    I love your baby updates!
    Hels xx

  12. He’s hit so many milestones already! He’s so cute and I love that he already says a few words to get what he wants �� cute post! xx


  13. He’s growing up so fast!! It’s funny because I thought I wouldn’t be the kind of pregnant woman who tell people how many weeks pregnant they are. Turns out, I am! Every week is an achievement so I like to inform people about it haha. Just like how every month for a little one is a massive achievement to both parent and child!



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