It's Mother's Day today here in Finland and to celebrate that I decided to gather some things I'm sure as guilty of repeating multiple times a day. Let's have a laugh together, shall we!

10 things every mum says every single day

"Be careful."
I say this probably a million times a day. Whenever he opens a drawer, whenever he's on the sofa alone, whenever he's doing basically anything. I constantly worry something is going to happen and I'm pretty sure I'll be like this for the rest of my life but with so many different aspects.

Whenever they want to touch the power sockets. Whenever the oven is hot and they really have to try how hot it actually is. Whenever they want to taste things like soil outside, lick their own shoes or you know, do anything they're not allowed to do.

"Where are you taking it to?"
D carries a bunch of stuff in different place. From TV remotes to my wallet, if I wouldn't keep the track where he takes all the things everything is basically lost all the time.

"What on Earth are you doing?"
This usually happens when D gets an access to the flour bag.
And after the flour is everywhere.

"Did you have a permission to do that?"
D likes to empty my bag all the time. He also likes to dig soil out of the plant pot.

"I need more coffee."
This is my mantra.

"I can't make you dinner if you're hanging from my legs."
I think this sentence really does have all I need to say about this.

"It's still hot, we have to wait for it until it's cool enough to eat."

"I didn't sign up for this amount of poo."

"Where are you?"

Do you find yourself repeating the same things all over again on a daily basis?
I wish you all have a lovely Mother's Day, wherever you are!



  1. AWE. This is super cute! I can hear my mother saying all of those too! Happy mothers day! D is blessed to have you in his life. Get some rest today! and take care of yourself!

    Simply Me

  2. Oh mothers, they have their way to make us look like kids, even if we are not any longer! Hope you and D had a wonderful mother's day!


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