Yes, you read it right. With this post, I'm probably very likely to poke a bear and wake it up from its hibernation but I believe this is an issue that needs to be opened up. It needs to be talked, as it effects on so many people and especially on Twitter. I can write one of these kinds of posts about Instagram too and what I think is twisted with it at the moment but today I'm writing about Twitter.

So let's talk about Twitter & the "positivity bubble", which by the way, is a term I created so I had a term for the issue I'm about to write today.

What is Twitter's positivity bubble?
The positivity bubble is the bubble where certain users want to put themselves in. They are more likely to unfollow everyone and everything if they see a tiny amount of negativity in their timeline. They might even block you if you're an extra bit of negative.

A negative tweet can be a tweet about something bad that happened to you. It can be a basic "I'm having a shit day" - tweet. It can be basically anything that expresses some sort of a negative energy. Whether it's the thing that happened to the person who tweeted it or it's something the person who tweets is feeling.

Something that isn't probably meant to be tweeted in a negative way, can also be seen as negativity, which leads to unfollowing and blocking. You know, the internet time - people like to get annoyed of so many things. Even about things that aren't supposed to be annoyed about but it's a trend now. Someone is probably annoyed and reading this post at the moment to the point when I tell it's absolutely okay to block the negativity, then getting annoyed again when I think if it's worrying. It's how the Internet works, okay?

It's okay to live in a positivity bubble
I think it's completely okay to live in a positivity bubble if you like to do so. If that floats your boat, it doesn't really tickle my arse as it basically doesn't affect my life in any way. But what really tickles my arse, that is it going a bit too far?

What do I mean with "is it going too far"?
I mean, the world would be absolutely perfect without a 0 negativity in it. But that isn't the way the World works, right? People are allowed to have different emotions. People are allowed to be sad, negative, happy, joyful, positive, anxious, tired, thrilled. People are allowed to be meh. Emotions are normal. Emotions are something that should be felt, not locked away.
So while we are blocking people who have experienced something negative, or are feeling and writing down negative emotions - why we wouldn't try to make them feel better instead?

And I repeat, if blocking the negativity is something that helps you with your mental health, your well-being and if it helps you to cope with life - that is okay. You have every right to do that. These are just my personal thoughts on the matter. 

Emotions, in the real life and in the social media are good. But what if in the middle of our own journeys to happiness, we focus on the positive emotions more and start to treat the negative emotions as something that isn't allowed to be felt?

The main reason I provided an extra blog post for you guys, is that I saw a girl sharing something negative that had happened to her on Twitter. It was up less than 15 minutes and the unfollowing had already begun. She actually thought she shouldn't have tweeted about that. She already felt wrong tweeting something what could be classified as negative. 

And while people don't want to see negative emotions floating around, the ones who might feel bad about something might not open up about their experiences and get things out of their system in a fear of being rejected. They are starting to suffocate their emotions. Emotions, that should be perfectly okay to let out.

Just a food for your thoughts today, what do you think? I'm I going to have a full load of shit on the back of my neck for this, or do you think I have an actual point in this ramble? 
The comment box is yours, go for it. 
All kinds of emotions are allowed. 



  1. I think you do have an amazing point here. Not everything is covered in rose tinted glasses and everyone is entitled to feel different emotions. So sad that the lady who shared something seen a wave of unfollowers :(

    Heather xo | x Highland Beauty

  2. The internet would be a better place if people aren’t afraid to share their struggles from time to time! We can all learn so much from what other people are going through!

  3. Great post! We can all learn so much from what other people are going through!

  4. I can kind of see why people might want to be in a positivity bubble on Twitter. To be honest, Twitter is a very negative social media channel. I feel like a lot of people go on there to start fights or join them. But, I've never unfollowed someone just because they posted something negative, unless it totally went against my values.

  5. Everyone has its own enemies and we never know what happens deep inside other's life or soul. I do believe we should be friendly and supportive in general, but hard to find authenticity online.

  6. I definitely think you have a point! Keeping things one-sided on social media (as in, only showing off the good stuff) sets up unattainable standards. I think sharing the occasional negative thought is a great way to keep this in perspective.

  7. Great point dear Jassy. Love to read these kind of posts from you.
    I think people should do whatever they want to do... in real life or even social media. I personally love to share more positive thoughts on my blog and my Instagram but I must admit, sometimes as an writer and a poet, I really need to express my emotions. That is who I am. Not perfect in any way, just a human being that is allowed to be free and to simply feel. and yeah, instead of unfollowing and blocking, why wouldn't we encourage those who are feeling sad?

    Great, great topic. :)

  8. Interesting read! I'm guilty of creating the positivity bubble for myself - hahah! While I do understand that we CAN & SHOULD express all our emotions, I personally like to take care of my mental state and I do not like for it to be altered when I open an app on my phone - Positivity junkie over here. Blocking is definitely not necessary though - that's taking it too far.

  9. "So while we are blocking people who have experienced something negative, or are feeling and writing down negative emotions - why we wouldn't try to make them feel better instead?"
    I am writing this quote down in my journal. This is truth and such a great point.


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