One of my birthday surprises for J was that I booked our tickets to hop on to the ferris wheel called Skywheel, that's right next to the ship terminal Katajannokka. It was built there a few years ago and even though I'm not a fan of ferris wheels, (can't stand the heights or roundabouts) but I guess one 12-minute ride can't kill me right?

Skywheel is 40 metres tall, so I'd say the view was pretty gorgeous. You can see the ocean and you can see to the rooftops of Helsinki. Definitely worth to pay 10,90€ for a ticket. It was odd though while booking the tickets it said it's 12€/adult but the website sold them to us at 10,90€. Bargain?

The condoles have blue windows, that's why the blueness.

How about you, do you like ferris wheels?

Tickets & opening hours
Katajannokanlaituri 2
00160 Helsinki
First picture from here,
I was dumb and forgot to take a picture of it outside.



  1. These photos are amazing! I have never been to Finland but it looks really cool!
    Thank you for sharing! :)

    Miriam |

  2. I think I've only been on a ferris wheel once and I was quite little so I don't really remember, so I'd like very much to go on another one.
    This one in Helsinki sounds amazing, and the sight is beautiful!

  3. You know it's things like this I bloody miss about Helsinki. Which is probably why I'm getting ready to pack my bags and move back there in the next 15 months. Hubby in tow, obviously!

  4. Great idea for a birthday gift! The view is amazing and as long as the skywheel barely moves I would love to be up there!

  5. I just love ferris wheels, it is just so exciting and it makes me feel free being up in the air, enjoying xo

  6. I've been wanting to visit this and looks like you can get some amazing pictures from there! Maybe we'll go this summer if we come to Helsinki xx


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