IT'S TIME FOR NETFLIX SUGGESTIONS & oh boy, it has been a while since I've last done one. I love some good Netflix suggestions so please do & recommend me something to watch. In the meantime, here's what I recommend to you!

We have 6 seasons of Once Upon a Time on our Netflix and I recently just discovered it and fell in love with Captain Hook. I mean, just Colin O'Donoghue, AH WHAT AN EYE CANDY. And he totally falls on my man type. Look him up along Matthew Bomer, Ian Somerhalder, Pierre Bouvier and Sébastien Lefebvre. And then look at my husband - BOOM fits in.
But my point is, I do not understand how I didn't end up watching this series when it aired on television back in 2011. I remember watching the first episode but that was pretty much about it. So if you're into Snow White, and other fairytales - watch this & you won't be disappointed.

If there's something I can imagine being is Frankie when I'm 70. The fact that Grace and Frankie are ridiculously relatable (except that I'm not 70, my husband of 40 years isn't closet gay & hasn't decided to come out and divorce me so he can get married with the love of his life) is kind of making me feel a bit old, but aside that it's such a lovely tv-series. It starts off a bit slow, but when you get into it you can't stop watching. I literally consumed all 4 seasons in a week. Do I have a life? Probably not. Although, I have a plan for my 70's. I'm living by the beach, do yoga & paint for the rest of my days.

I'm usually a bit frozen inside when it comes to life changes other people are going through but thanks for the baby my stone cold frozen heart has melted and I actually develop tears in my eye corners when I'm watching something really touching. THIS IS TOUCHING. TOUCHING AF. And you should definitely add it to your watchlist, that's all I say. Oh, and follow Antoni (@antoni) on Instagram because he's got such delicious looking food pictures on his feed.

This series is just ridiculously hilarious and filled with low-budget look-a-like musical scenes, so if you're not into musicals you shouldn't watch this but then again, my husband isn't into musicals and he liked it. So there's something to consider.
Imagine being a successful lawyer and leaving your life behind because you happen to meet someone you had a crush on in the past, move across the country and kind of stalk your way into their lives? Sounds like you? Then this is a right series for you! Go on, watch it. I know you want to.

If you haven't watched HTGAWM yet, where have you been? I mean seriously, where have you been? I can not wait for the 4th season to air on Netflix already. Come on Netflix, where is it?

Have you seen any of these? What did you think of them?



  1. I only watched HTGAWM and it’s an amazing tv show. But I am only watching what I have started to watch two or three years ago.. Like Scandal, Quantico and thats it.. I wish I have more time for that like I was in college. :)

  2. Look like great and interesting suggestions! I have watched only the last one and again only just a few episodes.

  3. I love Grace and Frankie (I'm all done with it too)! They're so funny. Great list of suggestions! Oh and I need to catch up on HTGAWM!

  4. I love How to Get Away with Murder, it's so addictive x


  5. ‪Awesome tips! Love your writing style! 😍 You are really funny.‬

  6. Lovely tips! I haven't watched anything for months but fortunately I'm just about done with this academic year so Netflix, I'll be bakc soon!


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