How do I feel that this post is turning itself into a series & offers a sneak peek to the world of living with a toddler? As we all know, toddlers can be a bit explosive at times (read: almost all the time) & they pull a tantrum from pretty much everything. Here are 10 reasons why my child had a meltdown.

D had a meltdown because...

... mummy was stupid and didn't let him lick the power socket.
... or stuff his fingers in that said power socket.
... he didn't know how to put a sock on his foot.
... he was trying to fit a bigger toy inside a smaller one.
... he ate all his smoothie yoghurt.
... he wasn't allowed to throw clean & folded laundry to the floor.
... he saw his lunch on a dining table, waiting to cool down so it was eatable.
... he wasn't allowed to climb on the TV stand.
... he wasn't allowed to spread breadcrumbs all over the floor.
... mum didn't give him coffee, even though he really wanted to have some.

Oh, how I wish to be a toddler for one day.
Expect a part 2 of this, I'm sure this won't be the last of you hear from his meltdowns.
He's freaking hilarious though, I always try not to laugh at him because well, these are pretty first world problems. Then again, it's good that he doesn't understand what's going on the world right now. That would be a meltdown that'll last the rest of his life.



  1. Tyler is always trying to grab our coffee cups too and gets super worked up when we don't let him have it(obviously) haha! x

    1. They get so mad about so many little things, it’s hilarious :-D though, to be fair - every obstacle is a end of the world for them so let’s give them that haha :D

  2. I hate the toddler meltdowns, I genuinely feel like melting down too! But they don't get much better unfortunately, my 6 year old's meltdowns are horrific and I tend to just crawl into a corner and cry haha! Some of the meltdowns are hilarious though, especially over silly little things.

    Heather xo | x Highland Beauty

  3. I am a fan of these kind of series! What goes around baby's head and now this list of toddler's meltdowns. Yes I would love to be a toddler and have a meltdown over silly things in life hehe

  4. This was such an adorable and entertaining read! Your patience is admirable ☺️

  5. Aw man, being little is so tough! You're doing a great job, Mama!

  6. This is so cute and funny!


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