I wanted to write a letter, to all the women out there. Today we celebrate International Women's Day & this is how I thought was the most appropriate way to share the love on this very special day.
+ I also found some strong, amazing, beautiful & wonderful ladies to feature in this post! You should definitely check them out, I've linked them all under the pictures!

Chloe | Sarah | Dora
Tessa | Cheryl | Kassy

Dear fellow women,
We've come a long way to the point we are in. There are still "a few" things left to fight for, but I'm here to say that we should be damn proud of ourselves. Yet, I'm not writing this letter to you all to tell what we should fight for. I'm here to tell you how amazing we are. We come in all shapes and sizes, we're all different and unique and that's what makes us all very, very special.
There's so much pressure on us, pulling us into different directions and creating stereotypes about us. We don't have to fit into that box. We all do what we do best. We all do what we have to, to survive in this world. And most of all, we are all beautiful. In every single way & words can't bring us down (I might have quoted Christina Aguilera in this one, might not).

Key | Charlee | Mary

I guess what I'm trying to say here; today is the day to celebrate yourself. Celebrate how far you've come despite all the struggles in your life. Celebrate all you have achieved; all the big things & all the little things. Celebrate what you stand for. Celebrate all the things that make you; you. See the beauty in all of your flaws, even though it would be something that would make you insecure. Embrace your insecurities and turn them into something great. Also, all that I mentioned above are something you should cherish every single day because that's what makes you; you. It shapes you & you should be proud of yourself. Look how far we've come. Look how far you've come.
Appreciate yourself, have a proper pamper evening tonight. Buy yourself flowers, you've deserved every single one of them.

Hayley | Lisa | Lena

Let's keep fighting for our equality. Let's keep fighting for everyone's equality.
After all, we all start from the same line when we are born.
Let's believe in ourselves & look, look how beautiful we all look together.

Happy International Women's day, you beauties!

"Here's to strong women:
May we know them.
May we be them.
May we raise them."



  1. Look at all of these amazing women!! I can't wait to see what else we accomplish over the next decade 💪

  2. Happy International Women Day! Beautiful letter, women have fight for years and we will continue to do so!
    To Read with Tea

    1. Right back at you! I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday :-)

  3. I loved this post 💪🏽❤️ Such a wonderful letter! x

    1. Thank you, I’m so happy to hear that☺️

  4. Yes I would to see this day grow even bigger and use it as excuse to celebrate and achieve all the strong women in our lives. Also love that you quoted Christina, that song never gets old!

  5. Great post let's rock the rest of this year ✊

  6. Wonderful reading and great dedication! Looks at all these amazing women! We are stronger than ever!

  7. Fantastic post Jasmin. I hope you had an amazing International Women's Day :D

  8. We've got this girls let's kick ass in 2018 and show the world what we're made of

  9. This is such a geat post I love that you have included the photos in this collage form, such a great idea. Yes, celebrate yourself 😄✊

  10. Happy International Women's Day! What a beautiful post.

  11. Love how you throw some love to fellow women in your circle. I've determined that my way of "fighting" for equality is to be the best version of myself I can be and to inspire other women to be the same. Secondly, never to allow myself to fall into a trap of comparison. Out of all the people groups I know, women can sometimes be the most judgmental and competitive group I know. We get no where being so divided. So to move forward, we must do so with unity and love for each other. Celebrate our differences because in those is where we find our strength. Well written!

  12. I love your initiative! These women represent all the strong women in this world. I decided this International women's day to celebrate by telling my girlfriends how they bring brightness, strenghth to this world and make it a better place! They all felt special and I thought that's how every women should feel everyday!

  13. OMG! I'm finally getting a chance to read this post! Such a beautiful letter Jasmin :) Women are the future! Cheers to us "celebrating what we stand for" and cheers to us standing together! Thank you so much for including me gorgeous!

    xx Lena |


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