I got a chance to team up with a Finnish company called Samaskoru. All their products are made in Eastern-Finland in a city called Joensuu. I'm a fan of Finnish work & Finnish things, even though I feel like some of them might be a bit pricey but it's always nice to get together and promote some homeland made stuff you know. Let's put Finland on that world map, aye?
Samaskoru is offering a wide range of different jewellery and a bunch of lovely decorative wall art that's made from black acryl. And that's how that lovely deer hear ended up next to our dining table.

It's a statement piece, like one of my friends, said. It's something that you see as a first thing when you're walking into the room. And it's very pretty. Its original price is 69,90€ on the website, but the last time I checked it was reduced to 59,90€.

Their shipping was fast, nothing was broken (thanks for that Posti) & it was easy to attach to the wall with some double-sided tape. For us, it's still looking for its place in the apartment. It might stay where it is, or it might find a new place from somewhere else. I'm absolutely loving it.

How about you, have you found some statement pieces to your home?
This sure is something that'll pop out.


Don't forget to check out
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to find some more inspiration.

*This deer was sent me for review purposes, however, all opinions are all my own.*


  1. I have a similar think on my wall at the moment - a giant graphic of a deer on black canvas. My boyfriend brought it home from Ikea one day this winter. As soon as I saw your pic, I knew this would be something he's love!

  2. Never heard about this brand, but this is very cool!

  3. Definitely a statement piece! Personally, I love it, although it wouldn't suit my Scandi-Japanese minimalist house vibe. Scandi-Japanese, sounds odd, but it works. Think Muji and Ikea :-)

    XO https://missportmanteau.com

  4. It's a beautiful piece of art, looks so good in this place. Never heard this brand before!

  5. How neat! I've never seen anything like it...definitely a statement piece!

  6. It's a really beautiful piece! I've never heard of that material before, and it definitely stands out as a statement piece for sure!

  7. What a cute statement piece that is! I love deers and reindeer. :) It's great to get to team up with people and companies you share values with.

  8. This is really cool! Everything I use as wall decor is framed prints but this makes me want to get a piece that's a little more unexpected.

  9. This black acrylic deer is beautiful. I love things like that. I didn't hear about the brand but, I know where Finland is ;)

  10. I'ma love that! It looks super modern but it still has some traditional traces. Suits your home perfect! :)
    Katja xxx


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