February seemed to go by so super fast. It's funny what 28 days in a month can do, especially when January felt like it dragged so much. Today, I decided to do something different and go through February via Instagram pictures I posted. If you want to give a cheeky follow me on there, you'll find me by searching "jjjasuuu".

We started off the February by doing a little road trip to my mum's with our new car. I can't believe how fast the whole switch from our dear beloved Mini Cooper to Audi happened. Though, now we don't have to choose between the baby and the pram anymore - they both fit in together perfectly. Actually, the trunk is so huge it would fit my friend Sorsa in. That's pretty impressive. Even though Audi is nice and I kind of like it, as it's so luxurious in its own way - I miss our Mini Cooper so damn much. Isn't it weird how attached one can get when it becomes cars? Just me? Okay.

At my mum's place we enjoyed the snow and when we headed back to home, we all caught flu. It was ridiculous, all of us sneezing our noses off and argh, how many boogers can three people generate? The answer is a shitload.

On Valentine's day, I had my tattoo appointment, FINALLY. That snow storm we had when I was supposed to have my appointment for the first time fucked up all our plans pretty successfully. You know, when the magazine says there will be a shitload of snow it usually means a thin 20cm layer of the white beauty dropping down the sky but NO, this time it was 40-50cm and everyone was shovelling their cars out of the snow. It was ridiculous, but all good now - Spring is coming, we just had some more snow and I guess temperatures are much bearable now.

I also started studying in February, it's also pretty ridiculous. Imagine, I've been applying to the school the past 4 years (this is the 4th time, to be exact) & I really don't know why I haven't been accepted to there. Am I not smart enough or what's the goddamn issue? It bugs me so much, but I'm driven with madness, motivation and coffee and I'm determined to get it this year with my whatever it takes mode on. I want to be educated for fuck's sake. The stuff I want to study is basically all I know through blogging so what the fuck.

Oh, and I also landed on a pretty cool collaboration with Desenio last month. That was amazing, it's the first "bigger brand" I've worked with and I really enjoyed it. I understand bigger brands have their own guidelines when it comes to collaborations with bloggers and stuff, so after the first overwhelming feeling it was so much fun & I really enjoyed creating content for them.

Then became the moment I was secretly scared of the whole year and I had to accept the fact that my baby wasn't going to be a baby anymore. He's definitely moved from being a baby to being a full-on toddler with all the toddler tantrums and oh boy how I miss the times when he fell asleep on me and I was able to smell his head and that amazing baby scent no one haven't been able to bottle up yet. Oh, and his carpet arrived just in time for his birthday party. It's Done by Deer but honestly, did it surprise anyone?

How was your February? Would you like to see these kinds of posts each month?



  1. These are such lovely photos you posted.

    Candice | beautycandyloves.co.za

  2. I love your Instagram feed! Also how was getting your tattoo on your back? I’ve always wanted to get one myself but I’m afraid it would hurt too much.

  3. Great idea for a post! I love how all your IG posts have a similar vibe to them. So cohesive! Keep up the great work. :)

  4. Love your instagram feed! You have such a beautiful theme!

  5. I love the tattoo on your back, looks badass and elegant at the same time. I also envy you for all the snow that you had, we hardly had two days of snow this year. Good luck with school! :)

  6. Absolutely love your photos! Did you get into that school you've been applying to? I have a friend who sat a 6 hour architecture exam 7 times before he passed. It doesn't matter how many tries it takes, the point is to never give up! Good luck xo


  7. Aw! What a wonderful look back at the month! I get being attached to cars. I still have the first car I purchased by myself. It's definitely on it's last leg as the computer is fritzing out and different things are going wrong. I'm sad to ever have to let it go, but that time may come faster than I realize.

  8. I love this post! Like a nice monthly round up. Looks like an amazing month and the snow looks wonderful!
    To Read with Tea

  9. I love this kind of posts, I enjoy looking the pictures and know what's going on in other people's life. You had an amazing time all together. I am not yet ready to start sharing details of my life, but I would love to, though.

  10. these pictures are amazing and it makes me want to jump on a plane and go somewhere!!!

  11. I adore your Instagram feed and this recap of pictures is a fab idea! My feed hasn’t been very real time in Feb but I’m catching up :) xx

  12. Your Instagram game is strong girl - I like it.
    Katja xxx

  13. That picture where Dino sat still on his own remains my favourite. Lovely pictures and I admire how better your pictures have become. I see how much work you put in via your Insta stories. Welldone


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