Well hello there, March! How did you turn up this soon? I mean seriously, how is it March already? I remember whining about how January seemed to drag and February, well February was just ridiculous. It went by in a blink of an eye. It's time for another month and some new blogging goals!


I've been through a massive writer's block through the whole month. I even know why - it's because of my essay. I've been focusing on it 100% and very successfully neglected the blog because of it. I've basically been neglecting all my social media accounts because I have an essay to write but you know, it's about my future so I rather pick my future than social media. My goal this month is to get something up. I'm not trying to force myself to write anything if I'm not feeling like it but just a heads up if there's not a new post up when there's supposed to be I'm probably studying blockchain & Bitcoins. You'll have me back full-time after April 15th.

I've been very happy with my content lately, I hope you've been feeling the same way too! Though I'd love to add some more recipes and I probably do, a bit later this year after I've gone back to work and I've got money to do such things, like cook something a bit more special for us. We're on a strict budget at the moment because of D's birthday party and our upcoming travels so hey-oo, somethings gotta give before you'll get where you want.

I've been procrastinating when it comes to the pictures. I just haven't had the motivation to take any. Even though now when the days get brighter I've noticed I've taken my camera out way often so I think it's time to get stocked up with some blog post pictures - don't you?
I've been using ones I've taken with my phone and posted them on Instagram so that's the lack of quality in my pictures. Or drop - however you want to form it, haha! Also, the hubby is at work when the daylight thing is happening so I haven't been able to use his assistance with the pictures lately. I honestly can't wait for the Summer.

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Instagram: 1,6k
Bloglovin': 1k

What goals do you have for the month?



  1. I definitely want to up my photography game!

    Candice |

  2. Sometimes a little break from social media is needed. :)

    I wish I had blog monthly goals but these days I have been so unmotivated in social media. :P

  3. I've been loving your content and can't wait to see some recipes as well. I love writing and taking pictures of recipes, but I havent done any in ages... must do more of that. We're all here for you after your studies and essays so just keep focussing on that, its so important xx

  4. I can't wait wait Summer too! I love your goals, I'm so glad for you that you are happy with your content. :)

  5. I can definitely relate! You can do it!

  6. You will get there girl!!! These are great goals and I totally understand what you mean about getting into a block sometimes!

  7. I love that you're logging your blog journey and everything. Such a relatable thing for all the readers! It's so helpful even for like PR bloggers, like me!

  8. Such a honest post, I love it! I find it hard sometimes too to blog when I have some major sh*t going on in school😩

  9. Great foals and no doubt you'll achieve them. My goals are to better my photography and learn more about blogging in general :-)

  10. Love your blog Jassy, but I support you - future over social media.
    These past few days I took a social media detox to relax and to spend more quality time with my loved ones. But I am back now.
    My goal is too post more definitely.
    P.S. We definitely need to follow each other on instagram. :)

  11. This month I'm happy to tell that I have 2/4 weeks off both work and school so my goal is to focus on creating content that I can schedule to future. At the moment I'm traveling so there should be some cool abroad photos and reviews coming and we're also trying to shoot some outfits while traveling. I'm pretty excited. I think my weak points are a) not having enough time to make the photos I want and b) networking. So, I should focus on these during March. :)

  12. Sounds like some great goals! This is the second month of my self-hosted launch and I'm hoping to double my stats for month 2! I'm pretty pleased so far. I didn't have any goals for the first month, but it did help me set goals for the second!

  13. You are totally right, sometimes we have to focus on the future instead the present. Good luck with all of your goals!

  14. I've been away from blogging for such a long time and now I'm getting back to it so I've many monthly goals myself too regarding coming up with more content.
    I know how it is when you study and blog at the same time, I neglected blogging because I had to focus on university but I'm happy with my choice because , as you said, it's my future.


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