Stuck at home with the kids on Valentine's Day? No problem sweetheart! I've got you covered. This is our second Valentine's day since we became the parents so Valentine's Day at home is something we both really do enjoy. Especially when there are no other options. Haha, to be fair here we're the kind of people who don't even celebrate Valentine's Day - but for the sake of marriage special evenings at home are crucial.

This is something I think I'm going to do this Valentine's Day. When the kids are asleep, you and your other half can gather around the table and enjoy some lovely "restaurant" like food. Though I'm not a chef and you probably are not either, it's those three meals (starters, the actual meal & dessert) that makes it feel like you're in a restaurant.

The Menu for the Valentine's Day
- starters: garlic bread, deep fried mozzarella sticks with tomatoes & basil
- the actual meal: tortilla pizza
- dessert: strawberry-marshmallow-chocolate sticks

If you want to be extra romantic, light up a few candles and bring some fresh roses on the table - yeah, it's a cliché but it's also romantic, isn't it? Oh, and put on some cheesy songs from your Valentine's Day playlist (I know you have one!)

This goes from a cliché as well, okay - basically any Valentine's Day date idea is a cliché but isn't the whole day one big cliché? A cliché that everyone loves? Or, well, at least most of us.

How to make a normal movie night a bit extra for Valentine's?
- candles, there can't be too many candles
- build a cosy nest kind of a thing in the middle of your living room or a tent! YES, A TENT! You know those tents you used to build as a kid and then your parents lost their minds when they had to clean them up. You're a parent now, you can choose to clean it up or let your kids play in there the morning after. A win-win situation for everyone.
- pick a movie that you both enjoy watching, it doesn't have to be a romantic movie
- cuddle up, make popcorn and enjoy!

Will you try any of these? Would you like to?



  1. I think that we have to give love all time in a year! Love is love anyeway we don't need a day to show our love!

    Teo Michael
    Kisses from Greece

  2. Aw. Love this! We're celebrating Valentine's Day the day before. The day of, the restaurants are packed and things are so much more expensive! Maybe we'll do something like this on the actual day! :)

  3. You can't ever go wrong with a classic movie night in with candles food and of course LOVE! I hope you have an amazing Valentines Day this year!

  4. Sweet ❤️ I think making a special little meal at home is a wonderful idea for Valentines. We don't really celebrate Valentine's Day, (Riz says it's Valentines day every day, heh) but a special meal is a lovely idea. I might suprise him :)

  5. me and my partner don't really do valentines, some years we give each other cards but I was thinking this year I'll recreate my favourite date together ... when we as adults built a fort in our living room ate pizza and drank rum whilst watching movies, except this time we'll have our bug with us =^.^=

  6. I don’t celebrate Valentines either but I do like a night in with this salad from this takeaway place and there is a desert place here called Piece of Cake. Yummmy. Then I like to binge something on netflix like The Crown

  7. Definitely have to be creative when there are kids in the picture hey! This will be my first Valentines Day with baby!

  8. Even though I don't have kids I would still try these! It's definitely a cheaper option as so many restaurants here mark up the prices JUST because it is a special day. I'd rather prepare my own food at home and save our money for future travel or a fun splurge. :)


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