I've got some ink update for you guys! J was so kind and bought me a gift card to the local tattoo shop. I finally got one of the tattoos I've planned to get. I was buzzing when I found the card underneath our Christmas tree. Finally.

(= a particular attitude towards or way of regarding something; a point of view.)

It's odd how I've got a story behind my tattoos, even though I really don't care about stories behind the tattoos. I think you can take anything you want on your skin even without a story and that's what I planned to do as well but hey hello there, once again I've got a story for my tattoo.

"I've never met anyone who sees the world like you do." 
Is something my husband once told me. And that's the idea of this tattoo.

I was doing my usual Pinterest tattoo inspiration scroll a few months back and I saw the one, which is kind of like this, even though I changed the font and rolled the letters around a bit more. It describes my point of view perfectly.

I pay really close attention to details. I don't know why though, once in a bus I was looking out the window saw things like thermometer hanging from the window and lovely earrings some older lady had. And it's not only the things I see or pay attention to, as I can see the bigger picture as well. 
I've always been good at looking at people and knowing things about them before I've even talked to them. In 99% of my predictions, I've always been right. 

In songs, I pay attention to instruments and lyrics, not the beat or bass. That's why EDM is not my thing unless I'm super drunk dancing on the club's dance floor. 
I can put myself in other people's shoes yet, I lack the skill where I'm trying to make someone feel better when they are sad. Instead, I tell them what's wrong with my point of the view which usually makes them feel better or worse.

I don't see the woods from trees nor I don't see the trees in the woods. That's what my perspective is.
It's weird and wonderful at the same time. Deep and shallow, whimsical even.
Took me a while to accept it & to cherish it but now I'm absolutely loving it. Wouldn't change a thing and that's why it's inked to my skin. 



  1. It looks really cool! I've been wanting another tattoo!

    Candice |

  2. Oh I love it, I'm glad you got it done (especially after that crazy, stormy day)! And it suits you so well!

  3. Aaaaah it is so so beautiful! I love the look of it, so so lovely! I really want another one soon!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  4. Wow that's kind of funny. Perspective is actually my favorite word. That looks like a really cool tattoo!

  5. Love the new tattoo and the little meaning behind it. I'm all for getting tattoos because you want to whether it has a meaning or not probably why I have so many lol

  6. Such a cool tattoo and a great point of view! I am thinking of having my first tattoo, I need to start getting some inspiration around me.

  7. it looks so beautiful its giving me Angelina Jolie vibes.. would love to see a close up of it

  8. I love tattoos. I finally draw my on the piece of paper and I hope I'll find soon good tattoo artist who can copy it into my skin. I really like your tattoo =)

  9. I relate to your perspective and I love your tattoo

  10. This is so beautifull! So glad you got it done. <3

  11. I love the placement! I don't think I've seen one done that way before. It looks very clean and minimalist, which I find really appealing!


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