OKAY, IT'S STORYTIME PEOPLE. How can everything go wrong during the one day? Let me share a little story with you about our yesterday & how shit it was.
I had a tattoo appointment booked yesterday, which I failed to use because of the snow. You know, the usual "snow chaos" in the Finnish news headlines usually means that there will be around 20cm of that previously mentioned snow & people just know how to live with it.
No, yesterdays snow chaos wasn't the basic 20cm of snow. It was 30-40cm. There was a shitload of snow on the ground, there still is. It's actually ridiculous how much snow there is, considering that I'm living in the capital and we hardly get any snow here during the Winter.

J got home from work & I was already in a bad mood because D decided to skip his afternoon nap, which meant that I was trying to cook something for us to eat before I was going to be tattooed. I was trying to cook with a clingy, overtired baby & all mums know how fun it is to cook with one hand & pre-toddler in another.
J told me what a chaos the whole traffic was and I already was a bit terrified of our car trip to the tattoo shop. The fact that D would be in the car & basically anything can happen in traffic in that weather, it kind of made me anxious but I was still in a mood for going. If we would have gone, we would have left at 4 pm.
We figured out that we weren't able to get the car move in the snow, so I had to cancel my tattoo appointment (which still bugs me so so much) and there wasn't enough time to get there by 5 pm by bus. And well, it was a snow chaos which basically means that every other buss moves - if they even stop at your stop.

Around five, it was brought to our attention.
Someone had crashed into our car, causing some pretty expensive damages (thank fuck for insurances) to our bumper, headlight & fog light cover. Thank goodness it's not leaking anything so we can drive it to the checkup this morning.
The best part of this whole thing is that the person who did this left the scene.
Thanks to three eyewitnesses we now know where this person keeps her car & we know that it was a woman & we know that she was on her way to work. She had gotten up from her car to check the damages, apparently thought that it was nothing bad & then left the scene. We reported it to police & now hope we can find this woman to take some responsibilities for her actions. We spent the rest of the evening talking to the eyewitnesses & I've got a pretty good picture of what has happened in the situation. I wrote 5/5 report to the police & I won't be even surprised if they'd offer me a job (this was a joke, but it was a killer report). Today, we're going to check if the woman has returned to her parking lot so we can get her registration number and get some pictures of the damages in her car. The fact that ours were so massive, I'm 110% sure there will be something in her car too.

Yesterday was definitely something else.
Oh, fuck what a day.



  1. Oh I'm so sorry you had such a crappy day yesterday.. I hope this woman is found and pays for the damage. No one should just crash into a car and leave the scene thinking it's okay!
    Have you been able to rearrange the tattoo? Hopefully you'll be able to get it another day..
    Sending you positivity today and I hope you have a better weekend! <3

    Sarah |

  2. I am so sorry!!! I can't believe they left the scene but SO THANKFUL you guys are safe and you decided not to get on the roads!

  3. I saw this on your instagram stories and felt so bad. My friend's flight from London to Helsinki was also delayed and she missed her connection.. it must have been really terrible weather. I hope the woman takes responsibilty and the whole thing gets sorted as easy as possible. xx K

  4. That is so terrible! I can't believe there are people out there who think it's ok to just leave the scene after causing damage to someone's property. Even if they're on their way to work or something, it would only take a minute or two to leave a note with their contact information. Ugh, I'm so annoyed for you!! I hope everything works out and you're able to find her. :(

  5. Oh, that was really one of these bad days you want to come to an end as soon as possible. Hope everything is better now and you are going to have your tattoo very soon!

  6. Ohh my dear, I'm really sorry to heard about the whole things crapy day that happend yesterday. With snow chaos, canceling your tattoos appoitment and with your car accident, these are really sad. I hope this weekend will bring you and your family more relax and lucky days ahead. Sending you alot of love & big hugs to you dear.

    Kintan xo,

  7. Oh wow. Sounds that you had a pretty bad one yesterday. During the snow chaos I was in Kuopio where it was not snowing that much but it was still snowing around 10-20cm + it was freaking cold there, something between -10 and -18C. It was not too nice to go dig the car from under the snow with that coldness haha. I hope your today and weekend are a lot better than that day!

  8. I am so sorry to hear that all this happened to you dear Jassy.
    I still think that there is a bigger meaning and reason behind this and why you didn't manage to go to your appointment. Just be thankful that you guys are the safe and that nothing happend to your family.

  9. Goodness! That was quite the day! I'm sorry that all went down like that and hopefully the car situation gets rectified! Here's to a better day!

  10. So sorry to hear you had a bad day, sucks about the tattoo and I can't believe she crashed into your car and just left. I hope it gets dealt with.

  11. I guess these kind of days just come...what's better is when you're able fix the issue in very short time...


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