Welcome to the brand new (ok, not so new) but to a re-branded Blogging Goals series over at LTWJ! I decided to do some changes to my monthly blogging goals and as it was before - about content, pictures, Bloglovin' etc, I'm going to go in deeper. A lot deeper than last year. Let's grab a pack of mandarins and start!


The whole January went in a blur, to be honest. I neglected the whole writing part, until the very end of the year and I managed to fall out of my own personal schedule. You might remember the post from last year, where I shared some of my top tips for planning blog posts where I told you how I have my spreadsheet on Numbers and I'm basically two months ahead of myself in the content. This year, it's going to be different in many ways as I want to be more present when I'm writing posts. Though this is a whole new thing for me and it requires me to use some more of the me-time to work on blog posts.
Also, I've decided to make my posts pretty longer, as they're usually around 300-400 words and now I've managed to write over 600-word blog posts, so that's pretty good to be fair. I'm still going to be a bit ahead of the schedule and have some posts written but the 6-month content is not where I'm heading to and where I don't want to be. It just happened last year, which was pretty cool but then I'm bored the rest of the year if I write everything in advance, except the ones that I wasn't able to write before something happened. So for my writing, the goal would be to be more present and a bit longer posts.

I want to drive LTWJ to a more lifestyle/home/family way of content. And of course, some food posts along the way, but at the moment we're on a strict food budget and well, on the budget in general so I can't compulsively add special items on my shopping list, especially when D's birthday party is in the close future.
Last beauty post I posted was in Spring 2017 and for some reason, I wasn't feeling writing them anymore, so those will definitely drop this year. Though, I believe that if you read my blog because of the beauty posts you probably are not here reading this post anymore since there is so much time since my latest post that includes anything tagged under beauty.
So my goal for this month would be to add more lifestyle/home/family content and I've got actually pretty fun things to share with you. And a few plants to buy from Ikea. Fake plants probably, I end up killing all my plants.

I'm still keeping my head when it comes to pictures where D's face is showing on my blog or social media, except a few little bits on my IG Stories. I've got basically two reasons for that:
1. It's up to him when he's old enough if he wants to put his face on the Internet.
2. I've got some relatives from my father's side who have done a bit of a dick move against me and my family, I know they are reading this blog and as I can't control on which pages they surf the World Wide Web I can control my own content what I'm putting on the Internet. That's why D's face isn't showing, that's why I'm not as open here as I would like to and that's why I have blocked them from all my social media accounts. I don't know if they have any "secret accounts" but that would be pretty damn disturbed and btw, it's illegal in Finland so.
I choose my content/pictures/words so damn carefully, it's actually exhausting. Why? Because I think those people have nothing to do with my life. It's not the DNA or blood that makes a family, it's actions and the way you treat the ones you consider to your family members.
But as I've gone enough sidetrack over here already, I'm still going to keep D's face off from the blog (I had to address this because I've been asked so much about this lately) and I'm going to make a schedule about blog photo shooting days. I need that in my life, a schedule.

Social Media, you tricky little thing but very essential to grow as a blogger. I've cut these goals in all my main social accounts I'm using at the moment which are Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Bloglovin'.

Twitter is where I get the most of my views from and that's pretty damn cool. Also, it's the easiest one to grow when it comes to all mentioned above. The ways that I'm trying to grow it this month is to tweet more, interact with other people more and attend to more Twitter chats. Though, I feel like all the Twitter chats vanished from the Blogosphere last summer, am I the only one who thinks this way?
The goal in February:
3k followers on Twitter
(yes that's a lot but I'm
going to focus on it mainly
this month).

Instagram is a bitch nowadays. Though, I'm not focusing on the growth at the moment - I'm focusing on finding my flow. I've been posting daily since last August or so, and I'm going to keep it that way but there's not the flow I want there to be. So that's where I'm going to focus this month.

I'm just shit at posting anything on this blogs FB page. It's ridiculous, that's why I've added it to my Buffer app so I can schedule all posts I forgot to post over there in chunks. I'm going to need to make a change and add it to my calendar or to-do-list or somewhere. Does anyone even use FB anymore?

Pinterest is a new thing for me. I mean, I've been on Pinterest for ages but just recently discovered the potential to actually use it for blog advertising purposes. I still don't know how, but my goal for this month is to figure that out.

My goal in 2017 was to reach 1k on Bloglovin', but lack of my efforts I managed to raise it to 900 last year. That's pretty impressive though, considering how much I have not put any effort into it. I'm going to leave it alone for this month and let it go by its own flow, we'll see, we'll see - maybe it reaches 1k alone until March?

What are your goals for this month?



  1. I'm really impress what you wrote about your blogging goal babe. Really well done about your social media growth and good luck for your next blogging goal.

    Kintan xo,

  2. great post i was just thinking about my goals for the month. I've been really into growing my blog since getting back into the swing of things is my main priority I'm going to focus on improving my skills; better photography, better content and better organisation. I also totally agree with keep Dinos face off social media, I'm trying to the same with Bug on my blog.
    Good luck with your goals

    ~ Kitty

  3. Oh wow! You have some wonderful goals again. And 3k in Twitter? Maybe I should start tweeting more! May I ask which chat you participate there / where you find those blogger chats?

  4. I love reading longer posts, I am sure you got this and I expect to read a lot of you. Social media are so weird nowadays, but I wish you the best of luck! Wish I had some free time to interact more online.

  5. I've always admired your scheduling so much, you're amazing! I'm still quite all over the place :)

  6. These sound like some great goals! Haha I always kill my plants too.... fake ones for me until I learn how to parent them responsibly! :-P I would love to hear more about how you grew your Bloglovin account. And congrats on doing so well!

  7. Great blogging goals! I was just thinking about my goals for the month.

  8. love your goals good luck!!
    I said i wanted t be a month in advance with writing but i had writers block lol
    have u ever been nominated 4 bloggers award?

  9. I never really pay attention to my twitter. I need to work on that because quite a few ppl retweet my content there. Do you follow your metrics on twitter? I am yet to see traffic from there. I have been seeing it grow from Medium Do you use it?

  10. These are pretty awesome goals. I recently re-branded my blog and went self-hosted. Once I did that, I felt like I needed to get seriously and way more organized. So, far, so good! And 900 on Bloglovin'?! That's amazing! I get most of my traffic from Facebook and barely any from Twitter and I have close to the same number of followers. Funny how it's different from blogger to blogger!

  11. Good goals!! I've recently had my LO and was not sure about how much of him to be posting on the www! I totally understand your reasons, I've chosen to keep it at a minimum and for it to be pictures or info that I feel he would be happy/proud of!


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