So, the day I've been secretly (or not so secretly if you follow me on Twitter) afraid of is finally here. Today, my dear sweet little boy is full 1-year-old. That also means that these monthly updates of him won't be monthly anymore - I'm not the type of a person who refers their child's age as an 18-month-old when he will be 1,5 years old. Phew, what a year it has been!
So how have things changed since D's 11-month-update? Well, if there is something it certainly is the fact that we still haven't managed to hop on a ship and travel to Stockholm. Perhaps later in the Spring.

We had the worst flu this month, it was ridiculous. It started with J, landed on D and ended in me. On the top of the cake, I got this ridiculous wisdom tooth pain again & I'm literally begging on my knees it will pass and wait until I get back to work in August. This flu of ours, made D to stop eating. He refused to eat anything for a week and after trying everything we found some baby smoothie yoghurt packs from the store & he managed to eat some of them. It's not food, but I'm more than relieved he finally ate something. Even though the most important thing when the baby is ill, is to keep them hydrated all the time, it's a torture when you know he's hungry and doesn't want to eat. It was plain awful.

He's also going through another phase. A phase where he needs to do everything by himself. No one is allowed to help him. When it comes to eating, drinking - even reading a book, he gets super mad if someone tries to help him. Though he's been surviving on his own very well in every area, he's finally learning how to use a spoon (even though he mixes his food with it instead of putting the food in his mouth with it, but hey - it's right way on his hand now!) and he has stopped acting like he doesn't know how to hold a bottle in his hands just so he could get someone to give him his milk.
To this last one, I'd like to add, that we've been practising letting him drink the milk on his own but even though he knows how the whole thing works when one of us was around he acted like he had no clue so someone would give him his milk. (He's a smart little dude.)

We've been slowly testing normal food & it's going on super well. It's actually going so well, that he doesn't enjoy the baby food as much as he used to. He wants everything from our plates, so we've kind of given up with the baby food with him and put some real food on his plate. We've just dropped the salt off from our food, so he doesn't get too much salt in his system. That was surprisingly pain-free, to be honest. I thought it would have taken months of practising and I had actually prepared myself for it but nawh, he was born ready haha!
We have also added some cows milk in his food (& if there's some in ours, we haven't replaced it with anything else) and it's going on super well as well. His stomach hasn't reacted in any way, though we haven't given him any to drink yet though. It's something that I think is not recommended before they turn one but now when this magical age has been reached we can start practising that.

We're almost walking! It's all in his head though, he knows how but he's simply not just ready yet. He crawls so fast though, can't believe how fast he will be when he gets up on his two feet.

Oh wow, and all the 4 top front teeth have come through, so we've been a bit busy growing some teeth over here. And trust me, that's exactly how the month has felt. Phew, what a month I say again, WHAT A MONTH.

Can't believe how fast the whole year has gone by. It's absolutely ridiculous. I went through some D's baby clothes, the ones he wore back in last March and they were so so small. I wish I could travel back in time and smell the baby smell once again, hold that tiny creature in my hands once again. But it's not good to live in the past, isn't it?
Happy Birthday little one.



  1. Happy birthday, little dude! It's been fun to "watch" him grow on your blog. I hope you'll continue to update your readers. He's a lucky guy to have such a caring and thoughtful mama.

  2. Happy Birthday little Dino!!! It's amazing he is one already and getting so independent :) Have that wisdom tooth checked out, asap :)

  3. really does fly so keep creating beautiful memories with him.... and get ready to wash the floor more than usual... I see he's spilling things a lot

  4. Time flies so fast! I can't even imagine what the flu with a 1-year Old would be like! Way to hang in there and take good care of him! Happy Birthday, little darling!

  5. Time really does fly by... I remember reading your first posts about Dino. Where did the time go? :)

  6. You have a lot in one month of doing. It's really nice to read who baby boy is growing up and that has remind me again how time travel fast. Sometimes I think it's to fast. I'm so happy for you, Happy B-day to the little dude! 😊

  7. Wow.....how time flies very quick. Happy 1st birthday D, many best wishes for your future ahead. Get well soon to all of you from the flue attacked. This kind of flue attacked also we have here in Germany. As the weather so damn cold at the moment. Take care 3 of your dear.

    Kintan xo,

  8. Happy B-Day for little D! :) Those flus have been horrible this year. I got an influenza couple weeks ago and it took me to bed for 1.5 weeks. I had 41.1 fever and was super sick, it was worse than any flu I've had in years. I hope you won't get anymore of those this spring!

  9. Happy Birthday to him! How this year passed already? Now as he wants to do everything, you are going to run after him all day long!


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