I love Pinterest. I really do. I still haven't figured out how on Earth to use it in blog promoting purposes but I love it for the inspiration. I've gotten so much inspiration from there for my blog posts, my pictures and our home decoration. It's insane how it all can be in the same place. If you want, you can see what I've pinned over here and also give me a cheeky follow if you want to!

I found Sina's blog post from Pinterest, that was titled as "How to take a perfect top-down photo for Instagram", gave it a read and decided I needed to try this out. So what is a top-down photo? It's like a flatlay but way higher and it includes a wider space around the thing you want to get a picture of. I actually have been doing this, even though the highest I've gotten my camera has been my own length but taping it to a roof? That's an amazing idea.

The hardest part must've been taping the cardboard to our roof. As you might know, I'm not the tallest person on Earth (only 160cm) but somehow I managed to do it haha!

I still need to practise a bit more, but this was pretty good for a first timer!
How about you, have you tried taking top-down pictures? If not, would you like to?
Would you like me to share other photography tips I've found on Pinterest & tested out?



  1. That's genius! Then do you just set the timer and make it happen?!

  2. So THAT'S how you do the top down photo! What an amazing idea, although it does make me slightly dizzy looking at it tehe. Lovely photo!

    Lizzie Bee // Hello Lizzie Bee

    1. Hahah, it was interesting to set up there!

  3. Ha, ha, that's really weird! But the picture is gorgeous! Never heard of this tip though.

  4. Oh wow. That's cool and scary at the same time! I love the idea but I wouldn't ever put my DSLR to the roof with anything looking so unsafe haha. I could probably do that with my phone though. Did you use your DSLR? Did it not to drop?

    Nora /

  5. Omg this is amazing. Thanks, gonna try this now. Literally.

    Charming Coco


  6. I think that you did a great job with your 'top down photos' especially it was your first time a well. I like the photo with the socks especially!

  7. That's very inventive! I never would have thought of doing that, but it sounds much better than asking my husband to crawl onto the ceiling like Spiderman and take one for me! :-P XO

  8. I LOVE this idea! So simple yet so amazing!

  9. I need to give this a go! I've seen a similar tutorial but I think they taped something to the wall... I'd love to see other tips as well :)x

    Anu | Based On blog


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