It's been a while since I've done my top 3 things to watch from Netflix and I can't wait to share these goodies with you. What do you tend to watch Netflix? Are you more into movies or are you a huge series junk like me and watch all the seasons as fast as you possibly can?

This is something that is fascinating, awkward, weird and fucking awesome at the same time. It's about a boy and girl, the mum of the boy committed suicide in front of his eyes and well, the girl's family is just from the ass. This is a story about a boy who's planning to murder a girl, as he thinks he's a psychopath. This is a story about how they run away from their homes and this is a story with so many twisted turns you don't want to do much more than just watch and see where this is heading to. I desperately need a second season of this, Netflix!

If you already haven't figured out I've got this massive interest in all kinds of crimes. Manhunt: Unabomber is about the terrorist who was sending bombs to different people he chose by mail. First of all, I'm fascinated by this type of a human mind. How do you set up bombs that they won't blow up before the package is opened? How you can be certain that the bomb doesn't blow up on the way? Especially if its sent by airmail, there would have been a massive amount of peoples lives in a danger. I find the Unabomber extremely fascinating. I don't blame the FBI profiler to get so involved in the case that he ended up in a small cottage out of nowhere and lost the love of his family in the process. If you're into a crime story that's based on the real-life events, this is definitely for you. And if you're not, consider it as something as common knowledge.
Though, this is all about how they caught the Unabomber, not how he made it all happen. It's as interesting anyway!

If you've been wondering what happened to Kirsten Bell after GossipGirl, Frozen and ah, so legendary Veronica Mars (why it's not on Netflix anymore?) she went to A Good Place.
So, the good place is a place where all the good people go to. Your entire life is measured in points and ones with the highest score are getting into a good place. This is such a funny story about what could happen after your death, it's about a person learning to be how to be a good person without any strings attached. And I can't write more or I would screw the whole experience from you by telling all the plot twists, so basically just watch it.

Have you seen any of these? 



  1. I have the end of the f. world and the good place on my list already, but I didn't know about the second one. I will look into it.

  2. Wonderful suggestions! I haven't watched any of this, don't have any free time at all lately.

    1. Oh no! I hope you'll manage to get some at some point :-)

  3. Hey!!! :)
    I will definitely check them out. My netflix game has declined lately but I'm ready to check out new shows!

    Katrina Jean Carter

    1. I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed the post! :-)

  4. I ADORED the first one! Literally binged it in 2 evenings!! I'll have to check the others out :) x

  5. Happy for these recommendations as I haven't seen any of them! Currently, I'm rewatching Downton Abbey (I just love it so much) and just started E.R. (on Hulu).

    1. Downton Abbey is so so good! Though, I'm not sure if we have it in our Netflix.

  6. I have heard so much about End of the F*cking World and I really want to check it out. It honestly sounds right up my street and everyone I know that has watched it has loved it.

    And, Maya Rudolph is on The Good Place so I need to watch that too.

    Thanks for sharing! x


  7. I've watched the first 2 and loved them both! The good place is definitely on my list to watch! Great post 😊

  8. We just finished watching Luther on Netflix - I think you would like since you like crime stuff. Luther was so intense I literally had to wake Riz at night to go to the loo with me.. my imagination goes pretty wild after watching crime shows.


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