This August, when I'm returning back to work (yak), we start saving for a big trip. It's big in three ways; it'll happen on our 10th anniversary, it takes around 14 hours to travel there if we're lucky and it'll cost a hell lot of money for us three to stay there for two weeks. Guess what it is yet? Maldives.

I've planned out everything from scratch and how to save enough money for the trip. It won't be happening before 2020 so we have basically two years to save money for the trip. I also calculated that if both of us save 400€/month we'll get there easily. We could get there cheaper, but then again the inner adult in me suffocates my inner traveller at this point as we'll be having a three-year-old with us on that trip. So I'm going to go to Tui or Tjäreborg website and get that whole all-inclusive thing for us. Anyhow, this is something the both of us have wanted for so long and what would be the better occasion than our 10th anniversary?

Today, I'm here to share some tips that I've found useful whilst saving for basically anything, so let's roll onto those tips, shall we...

This is crucial. You can't know how much you're able to save per month if you have no clue how much you get money to your account and how much you spend it. The bills and stuff come always first. The thing that I do, is that when I get a bill I pay it that very second it comes and then I don't have to worry about it.
You can easily do this by creating an Excel sheet or Number sheet so you can stay on top of your financial things. The money that there is left after all your bills is the money you will save from.
I would also include the amount of money that goes into the food monthly to this sheet, so you'll have food in your fridge.

The money that there's left on your account after all the bills are paid, as I said before, is the money you'll be saving from. Now when I'm on maternity leave, there will be ~40€/month that stays on my account after paying all the bills I have to so I don't really have anything to save from. But when I return to work that "leftover" money will be around 500-600€/month so I can easily save 400€ from it and I can still live like a queen of England if I feel like it. This is not about bragging, it's putting things to perspective.
I could spend all that money on clothes and beauty products I don't really need or save it for later and something bigger. Prioritising is crucial in order to save for something. You have to ask yourself do you really need that? In multiple occasions.

1. Bills & food first.
2. Savings.
3. Fun and activities.

If you really want to save money, prioritising things in that order isn't even that hard. You got this, just believe in yourself.

I love to keep myself occupied with making goals and deadlines. This might be a bit stressful to some, but you can think of these goals as "If I'm saving the X amount per month, in six months I'll have Y amount of money". In our situation it'll be if both of us save 400€/month, in six months we'll have 4800€ in our saving account. That kind of goals you know.
Also, it's easy to get on the side track, so remind yourself what you're saving for. We do this by keeping a picture of Maldives in our fridge door. Also, it's so much more worth it to get to work when there's a picture of the Maldives in my locker. You know, little things like that.

How do you save for big things? Anything to add to my list?
It's surprisingly easy when you set your mind to it. Let me know your thoughts! 



  1. Great tips! I will bookmark this useful post! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I think it's really important to put shopping on hold. I've realized how many things that I don't really need buy all the time. In the last couple of months I took a break from shopping and it felt great! Plus, of course, I saved some money!!

    Great post!

  3. Thanks for sharing! These are some really great tips

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  4. Lovely tips Jasmin! I'll add to your list that make sure your saving grow while saving in case the saving takes and year or more. For example, you can invest that money on shares, EFTs or to an account with a bit better interest. Just make sure, you're not losing money to inflation while trying to save it. :) We're saving for couple bigger things at the moment.

    1. Ah, that's true! I actually have one of those investing accounts - it's been so good, but that's for a bit larger things ;)

  5. Wow! Love travelling as always & enjoy reading your sharing here :) Gonna learnt up your tips for my saving, yeah! Cheers, siennylovesdrawing

    1. I'm happy that you enjoyed the post :-)

  6. I think prioritising part of this post speaks volumes to me! I do need to ask myself multiple times whether I need this particular purchase before taking it to the till. The worst part is when I'm queuing up to pay for my things and theres things on display while i'm waiting! I pick up any old nonsense!

    1. Prioritising is the key for basically everything!

  7. I like to figure out an amount that I can set aside each month and have it automatically put into a savings account. Out of sight (before it shows up in my bank account), out of mind!


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