Instagram that tricky little bastard that we all love so much. I've been falling in and out of love with Instagram for a few months now and it's been more downhill than it has been something I thought was a fun platform to share pictures. We're so focused on growing our following, thinking what kind of pictures would bring more engage and thinking how to boost the posts to get more engage - which in the new algorithm means that you'll have higher chances to get your post to be seen. When did it become like this?
I know some people use it purely for blog promoting or business promoting purposes. For me, it's more like a place where I share some blogging and life-related content. And I've found myself thinking more times than I can count "will the people unfollow me if I post this one?", "does this fit in the grid?", "does this go with the flow?".

I slowly started falling out of love with Instagram. Slowly began to get frustrated if I didn't get the right picture I wanted there. It's annoying af and I thought I wasn't that weak as a person but oh wow, look at what social media does to people. Focusing on stuff like that is not a bad thing - not at all. But when it becomes a thing that drives you, when it becomes a thing that makes you frustrated and most importantly when it's starting to make you feel unhappy it's time to make a change. Or take a break. I made a change.

I stopped giving a shit what I post there. 
Not literally, I still think stuff like "is this too much skin I'm showing?" if I'm posting a post where you can see my legs without pants. Yes, I'm that weird. No, you won't find nudes from my account - sorry not sorry. That is true that sex sells, but I don't see myself as a person who posts swimsuit pictures all over Instagram with cheeky captions about ice cream accidentally falling on my breasts.
I stopped giving a shit about the theme. So far, even though I don't care about the theme I've found myself a theme. It's something that is easy to break and it's something that's pretty much everything. It looks like me.
When your feed looks like you, you probably enjoy it a bit more. So instead of sticking into a theme you might not enjoy but have found from Pinterest as a "this Instagram theme will change your life" it's not you. It's someone else's theme. It doesn't represent you, it's a thing someone has made up for you to follow but it's not made by you. Can you see where I'm heading with this? I think originality is the thing for 2018. Be brave & be you, mark my words.

The Collections
Even though Instagram has made some shitty updates lately, I love the collections. I find myself scrolling through different hashtags where I've found so much inspiration for my own pictures. What do I do? I save inspirational pictures into my collections. Whenever I feel uninspired I head over there and suddenly my head is full of inspiration about how can I create the next picture I'll upload. The thing is to just gain inspiration - not to copy what others have done. As simple as that.

Swipe up
My kind of an unrealistic goal is to reach 10k in 2018. Yeah, I know I've got around 1400 followers at the moment but it drives me on. I want the swipe up thing on my Instagram stories. I like when Instagram has done this kind of a motivational goal for all of us to achieve but then they shouldn't have changed the algorithm in the progress, that's what I'm saying. I'm sure I won't achieve 10k this year, but who knows - maybe I go viral? It's all open in the World Wide Web.

A few Instagram free days a week
Taking a break from any social media platform is refreshing. I'm doing that twice a week with Instagram if you don't count the moment I post a new picture in the mornings. Take a break.

Are you falling in and out of love with Instagram?



  1. I fall in and out of love with insta on an almost daily basis now haha! I gave up on trying to have a theme a long time ago because I was no good at it! Your photos are always such gorgeous shots and together they look lovely! I'm all for insta breaks and have them all the time! Sometimes unintentionally haha! x

  2. I’m glad someone is talking about this because I’ve honestly been going back and forth on if I want to even BE on Instagram because it can trigger so much insecurity. Especially with these algorithm changes. It makes you doubt how good you are at posting content people WANT to see. So I’m still trying to choose what I should do.
    But I also love how you’re taking the pressure off and just encouraging us to just post what brings us joy. When we do that, it takes away from the pressure to have the most likes, views, etc.


  3. I have a love hate relationship with Instagram but Instagram has brought me so many new opportunities in life so I say I’m more a lover than a hater of it!


  4. as im reading this im falling out of love with instagram ,.....i heard even big influences hate it abit...I like the days when it was a bit more simple. Im just concentrating on my blog for followers. Im glad that you're being positive and good luck with the 10k reach its achievable with hard work

  5. I had no idea the swipe up feature in stories was only available to people with a certain amount of followers! I was wondering if it was in some sort of update I didn't get. *Face - Palm* I bet you can totally get there by the end of the year! :)

  6. I can feel you... it's a love/hate relationship with Instagram :D

  7. I totally know this feeling. It's hard to grow now but maybe it's time to just post for yourself and not looking to numbers anymore

  8. I love this post! I am always on the border with instagram. Sometimes I am into it sometimes I am not. I however have always enjoyed being a small instagram page. It's never really been a goal to grow followers plus it's so difficult to do and I don't know how!! Thanks for this post! Your blog is so much fun! I've enjoyed following it.
    Simply Me

  9. I am not falling in love with instagram but I definitely view it as less crucial to my overall goal. I have even stopped worrying about making my posts match a blog post. It just is not a good vehicle for blog clicks so IG is more for my overall persona, a way to connect with followers of the brand.

  10. Glad to hear you love instagram again. Personally, I hate it now, I don't even bother to post anymore, nobody returns my likes or my comments, so sad for the instagram community.

  11. Nice post xx


  12. I hear you - its such a tricky platform, I love and I hate it. I get bored and then I get excited again.

  13. I've found that having two separate instagrams one for my blog and one personal takes away a lot of the stresses I've had about what to post. But it's definitely difficult to work with and I'm trying to up my blog following on it too


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