I can not believe I'm returning back to work soon. Actually, on August 1st. August 1st is the day when I have to jump back to the reality and you know, continue where I left on. I secretly hope there will be new co-operation negotiations and I've been dumped like a trash away from there but we'll see, only time show us. So why I'm returning to the place I don't like anymore? That's a post for the day when I'm not working there anymore, for now, I'll be returning for a paycheck. I need money.
So, I've got six months of my so-called freedom left, what do I want to do and what do I need to do? I've divided my bucket list for each month I have left, so let's begin.

- the only thing I've got scheduled on my calendar is when pre-exams show up over at the school website (aka stuff you need to do when you're applying to school, send them over and if they're done right you'll receive your spot in the real entrance exam), that's Feb 15th, just to remind me.
- apply the daycare place for D
- make an actual plan for the ways I can make some side income
- go out and have a coffee with someone
- send out invitations to D's birthday party

- D's birthday party
- apply to school and do whatever it takes to get in, study, study like never before
- go for a walk at least twice a week, because we all know you won't get out the house anyway
- go by bus somewhere, with D & his buggy, I've never done that before because I'm dead scared something will happen on the way
- buy a birthday present for J

- make an April fool's prank to someone, probably J, about being pregnant or something
- visit Suomenlinna fortress, just for no reason
- have a date night with J
- call my old boss and ask if he'd take me to work there (it's worth trying right?)
- plan what you would need if you'd take a 16-hour car journey with a toddler
- plan what you would need if you were about to drive up to North and stay there for a week like really North
- make reservations for the trip, to really, really North

- Norway, go to Norway, it'll make you so exhausted you don't want to do anything this month
- stay at home, in pj's, enjoying life and eating french fries
- drink coffee

- find out were you accepted in school or not
- have a drink or two, if you were or weren't accepted to the school
- buy new shoes for work

- I'd want to say Spain for a whole month but if Norway happens in May, there's no way we have enough funds or J's vacation days to stay there for a whole month
- Pori Jazz
- Karmarock
- visit my mum's

And there it is, back to work. 
I'm honestly in a point that I've got no clue what I'm going to do if I'm not accepted in school. It stresses me so much, 4th time is the charm? Or was it the third? What happens when you pass the third time? Will it become endless tries and applications before you'll get there? 
What if I don't find a new job? So many questions with answers only time will tell. 



  1. That sounds like a lot of work, but exciting! Good luck with everything!

    1. Nawh, that's actually a less than I've had in ages - especially when I've divided in different months.

  2. lol this seems very achievable. Im not much of a planner to be fair i cant even pic a holiday destination. I hope you get accepted into the school!!

    1. I hope so too haha! Tried so many times :D

  3. Love this post. You've inspired me to do one similar. Good luck with all of your objectives, I'm sure you'll reach them all and more! x

  4. So much interesting to read your bucket list. I wish you many a good luck for your journey this year and I hope all your plans will running smoothly. Finger cross for your school and job too darling.

    Much love,
    Kintan XO/http://kintanfashion.blogspot.com

    1. Haha thanks! I hope I'll be accepted this year.

  5. I wish you a great time these 6 months dear Jasmin. Enjoy life to the fullest and don't stress about a thing. Everything will be alright and it is okay to want things and to pursue all of these but at the end of the day, it will happen if it is supposed to happen. Sometimes, it may not seem like “all things work together for the good,” especially in hard times but God is working for you, for all of us.

    1. Hahahahahahahaha, I don't think god, of any kind, is working for me in any way.
      Though, I won't be disappointed if I won't tick off everything from the list, life isn't that serious.

  6. Lovely goals Jasmin! What comes to that school thing, I don't think there is a magic in certain numbers of tries. Just do great with the application process / exams and any time can be the lucky one. :) Good luck with that!

    1. Decided to do everything differently because apparently what I've done all times before hasn't worked :D:D:D

    2. That sounds like a good plan! I hope you'll get in this time. :)

    3. Haha thanks! Fingers crossed :-)

  7. I can tell you are under the big stress. I want to tell you it is the best to take one step at the time. You have make some draft of the plans that you want to do, bu take it easy. For me, if I put so much pressure on me, I'd break, so I like to take one step at the time. My dad always says don't make a problem if there isn't problem now, when you see there is a problem you will think of the solution. I wish you good luck to pass all the exam and for the job :)

    1. Excuse me what stress I’m under? There’s not that many things to do & trust me if I can’t make them all happen I can live with it.

  8. This is exciting as it it gives you something to look forward to...planning D's birthday will be fun...All the best achieving your plans

  9. Sounds like you've got a solid plan for the coming months. Is this the rest of your maternity leave? It's wonderful that you get so much in Finland!! What are you hoping to go to school for? Sending positive vibes your way that you get in. :) (and I can't wait to read about the coming months as you tick all these things off your list!!)

  10. Things always work out one way or another, just keep working hard towards the school and do your best! Enjoy your time before returning to work lovely!


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