23 is a funny number, isn't it?
That's how old I am, 23 years plus one day.
I could go on and on about things I've learned in life but I've done it so many times whilst writing unimportant shit on this blog over the past years. I want to make a twist to this by telling you 23 things I haven't learned in 23 years.

how to stop biting my nails
It's disgusting, it's relaxing, it's comforting - wait, hold on a minute? It's disgusting Jaz, stop it for your own sake. I've been biting my own nails as long as I can remember and I still haven't learned how to get rid of that habit. Any tips?

how to write a good or even okay CV
Curriculum Vitae, that little piece of garbage that opens the doors into so many places. It's one of those things that the amazing Finnish school system doesn't teach us along the way. Unless you're interested in taking a specific course for all things adulting, also known as economics. It also doesn't teach us anything related to the taxes, but trust me - I find calculating my own tax % easier than writing an actual CV.

how to act in group interviews
Every single time I'm in a group interview I manage to fuck it up. Or, well, let's say 2/3 times. I've gotten a job from a group interview once & that's my current job, but to be fair, I saw almost everyone from the same interview starting there same time with me. So I don't know if that counts. Does it?

take painkillers when I'm really in a pain
It's so hard, that's why every single one of them is going straight up to my head like a proper drug. A cheap trip, anyone? Okay, let's cut the crap. I need to be in a massive pain before I even consider thinking about taking a painkiller. It's good but sometimes I'm lying on the floor screaming from pain & still think I don't need a painkiller. Gosh, what an idiot.

stop swearing
I swear a lot (in case you haven't noticed the obvious). It's not beautiful, especially coming out of a woman's mouth like my relatives like to remind me but I've reduced my swearing a lot after the baby got along. It's a good thing, but it's also in my system so deep that I feel like I'd lose a part of myself if I stopped completely. So that's something I really don't want to unlearn, just to keep it out of the places it doesn't belong.

eat meat
It's a good thing considering all this veganism that's going around lately so I can really blend in, but the honest truth is that I've got no clue why I absolutely cannot eat meat. It's in my system as deep as that swearing thing, it's a part of me. Even doctors don't know what's wrong with me. Each time I get a piece of meat in my mouth (except the ones I've systematically practised to eat lately) I get nauseous or hug the toilet for the next couple of hours. But then again, it's purely a good thing.

wear high heels
They just aren't for me, soz but not soz.

wash the windows
I'd rather have my mum do it for me anytime. It's insanely hard and I always end up being mad at myself for not knowing how to really do it without leaving any stripes. I've been practising though and it's all going so much better nowadays!

update my calendar
I always get a calendar in January for myself but for some reason, I'm interested in it until March & then it stays where I happened to left it on that particular March and then I end up ordering a new one for the next year. I can't be only one, am I?

be late for work
I'm always at the work on time. Once my boss laughed at me when I was a minute or two late and asked if that was okay. So yeah, it apparently was okay. And it's actually a good thing being on time at work but hey come on, how?

learned multiplication table
Math has always been so hard on me. I know what's Xx5 and that's basically about it. Though, I can count the weirdest things in my head & get the correct answer at the end but haven't got a clue how I ended up with that result. It kind of sucks. I was good in geometrics tho, knew how to draw a triangle.

how to keep plants alive
I end up killing them, sooner or later.

have my phone off from silent
It's always on silent and oh boy have I heard about it a lot! I don't even have a vibration on in my phone so I'm basically clueless of any notifications, messages or calls I might get if I happen to leave my phone to another room or you know, not staring at it all the time. I'm not that attached to my phone.

talk to strangers
We were in a musical & during the break, some random couple started asking me questions about this musical we went to and I went completely on a lockdown. Don't really know why because I know basically everything about Cats. She also told me that they've seen so many musicals during their lives but this was the one they didn't understand anything at all. How many musicals had you seen Sharon, how many?

like the Santa Claus
I don't like Santa at all. Actually, I'm still death scared of him in a way. I think it's just freaking weird habit, to be honest. When I was 5, I went hiding under the table when Santa got around, unless it was my grandpa. I'm still torn between not to or to give D a proper Santa Claus childhood but that's something to consider when he's old enough to actually understand something about Christmas.

a 24-hour clock
I've always used 12-hour clock which is weird because here in Finland we tend to use the 24-hour clock. It always feels so weird when someone asks me to be somewhere at 14:00 and then I have to translate it in a 12-hour clock. 2PM. It's 2PM.

stop doing things when it hurts too much
My knees for example & rheumatoid arthritis. And my habit of keep going no matter what, thanks, mum, thanks!

drink my coffee cup empty
I'm an insanely slow coffee drinker. I drink coffee, a lot. You know what they say, average Finn drinks around 12kg coffee per year. I'm also wasting it just as much as average Finn is drinking it. There are half-empty coffee cups around the house just because I can't drink coffee when it's cold. Which brings us to the next one...

using the same coffee cup
I always take a new one. What is wrong with me?

washing laundry before it's too late
I've seriously considered getting D more nightsuits. I mean, dead seriously. I'm a lazy one when it comes to laundry. I'm basically using all my clothes before I've got none left and then start thinking about doing any laundry. Something to improve this year? As I'm all about self-improving this year.

finishing things
I like to start things but I'm bad at finishing them. I've got three home DIY projects under construction at the moment and I could finish them if I wanted to. I'm one of those people who needs to get everything done on the same day I've started them or I won't be finishing them at all.

wear dresses & skirts
I feel naked in them, soz not soz.

learned to give advice
I'm good at listening but when people come for me for an advice I don't know what to say. Or I do know, but usually, I don't want to hurt people in their situations with my straightforward choices of words.



  1. I think I'm bad at all these things too, I really need to learn to stick to a diary I have loads strewn about the place that I get bored of, same goes for laundry I just let it pile up ... although since baby came along I'm trying to keep it under control. Great blog post =^.^=

  2. Sweet post! Just reminds me of the days when I was 23! I will never stop swearing lol. Biting your nails? That's a habit everyone should stop! :P
    Thank you for sharing :)


  3. Ugh, I feel you on the group interview. One-on-one interviews are my jam but managing to get it right with a whole group of people is so much harder! Happy birthday!! At the end of the day, what you've accomplished is so much greater than the things on this list. xoxo

  4. Happy Birthday Jasmin! You might don't know all these listed above but I am sure you now know how to raise a kid and this it's by far so so important!

  5. I love this and your vulnerability! We all have those things we haven't learned yet and I can relate to many of these on your page! As for the nail thing... what have you tried?

  6. 23 is such a young age doll. You will learn so much in the next 5 years it is going to literally blow your mind. You are doing so amazing so far. Can't wait to see what you have learned at 24 :)

  7. I'm 33 and I STILL can't keep plants alive! lol. It sounds like the meat thing is an intolerance (much like lactose intolerance). Maybe try some meat alternatives in between? Gardenin brand has a great selection of comparable vegan "meat" options. It'd be interesting to see if you have the same response.

  8. 23 is certainty a odd age!!

    For learning to stop biting your nails, try clear nail polish or even painting your nails. Not wanting to destroy your newly painted nails can sometimes be motivation to not bite your nails. Hope this helps :)

  9. First of all, happy bday Jassy! Wish you all the best. :)
    I am reading this post and some things we have in common but some not and this was amazing to read because I got a chance to know a little more about you and your life.
    I just like you hate group interviews because c’mon respect me and all of us and find time for everyone. We are not on some stupid test in high school. And I have that thing with coffee cups - my obsession. :D
    But on the other side I love meat, I hate being late, love high heels and dresses and love to talk to strangers.
    This was one of the best honest posts ever! Loved it! :)

  10. Great twist - I can relate to so many of them! I would bite my cuticles (yes, super gross!) so I pretty much always have nail polish on and that stops me.. when I take a break from polish, its all downhill from there. Kynneli? Vieläköhän sellaista saa apteekista.

  11. Happy birthday! xx


  12. Catching up on you're blog and this is a fantastic blog post also I'm the same with the time. Someone tells me the in 24hours I'm like uh what....Say it in 12 hours please

    Jack Deyes


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