Okay guys, great news! Our move & renovation is completely finished. I'll be updating you with some before & after pictures in January but for now, I had to come and show you this gorgeous piece that arrived on my doorstep early this month.

Lovely Jennifer from kindly contacted me wishing me to review one of their products. I was so honoured, to be honest, and happy! This collab could have not had a better timing to it. I'm so glad, it must be destiny. Either way, this post is in a collaboration with and I received this canvas picture for reviewing purposes.

So what kind of a company PhotoWall is?
They are a Swedish company who offer wall murals & canvas pictures. They think carefully how their products and ways to make their products will affect to the environment and they work closely together with Vi-Skogen (=Our Woods) organization that has been planting trees to Eastern-Africa for over 30 years.
They've got a wide range from pre-shot pictures to giving you the availability to make wall mural or canvas from your very own picture. Their website is super easy to use & if you're in a need of help, their customer service is wonderful. That's a true Swedish spirit there!

We used this opportunity to get our favourite wedding picture on the wall and I'm glad I did. This picture is taken by Svante Gullichsen, who by the way is one of the greatest photographers I've seen for a while. Though, I changed it to black and white to fit our other pictures that will be on our walls shortly.

Ordering was easy and the canvas arrived pretty quickly as well. They do promise 1-4 days for the delivery and if there hadn't been a weekend in between, I believe that it would have been with me a bit sooner.
After all, this feels such a good quality canvas. Nothing was broken in the delivery, which was good and it looks like a fair deal - all the colours have stayed perfectly after the printing as well. I would highly recommend you to check their canvases out.
I know, mine is in an Ikea photo frame - why? There is an option to get your own frames to make the canvas you know, a proper canvas but I love my pictures in glass frames. I'm a bit weird I know, but when you order you can easily pick yourself frames you want from PhotoWall as well.

It's absolutely perfect, though, it's still looking for its place in our new apartment but I honestly could not be happier. Who knows, if this opportunity didn't come to me we might have not even managed to get our favourite wedding picture on our wall haha!

Now, using the code LTWJCampaign2017, you can get 20% off when you order from and that's something you don't want to miss out. The code is valid 30 days from now, so go on & make your walls feel special. 
What would you go for, a wall mural or a canvas print?



  1. I can’t stop looking at this photo! It’s so beautiful and that black and white gives some retro vibe and I love it!

  2. Seems like a pretty cool company - will definitely have a nosey around their website!

  3. That's a great way to decorate wall! And you look so beautiful in this picture! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays dear Jasmin!

  4. That photo is absolutely gorgeous! And honestly what perfect timing for a collab! Will have to give PhotoWall a bit of a browse!
    Jas xx

  5. Hi, what a lovely picture and a great way to decorate a wall, I shall take a look at their website.

  6. Photowall's products really are stunning, I've seen positive reviews aplenty around the blogosphere! Your wedding picture is just gorgeous especially in black and white and it must be so charming to look up at this photo on your wall and remember your big day!

    Abbey 😘

  7. What a beautiful canvas! I love personal designs like these x

    Faye Jessica |

  8. This sounds like a nice idea, beautiful photo x


  9. Looks lovely! If I ever change to bigger apartment with some space for more decorations I'd love to get some of my own photos to our walls. :)

  10. First of all your picture looks so classic and gorgeous. They did a wonderful job. I love canvas so this is a great offer!

  11. Great photo, so classy and elegant :)

  12. Having more wedding photos printed (and displaying them on my walls!) has been on my To-Do list for way too long. I'm gonna check this out. :)

  13. This is amazing, I was just earlier today looking at some frames because I want to frame some of our memories. :)


  14. Ah yay so glad to hear that your move and renovation is now complete. Your wall really does look beautiful with that photo x

  15. What a beautiful picture! Such a great way to capture a memory! :)

  16. What a stunning photograph. I think photos are an essential part of a home x


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