Last year this time I was pretty heavily pregnant so it's more than obvious that this Christmas was D's first Christmas. So how did D's first Christmas go?

Christmas Eve began opening the gifts underneath our Christmas tree. J's dad & mum had brought their gifts under the tree beforehand, as J's dad and his wife are in Thailand at the moment and we didn't celebrate Christmas at J's mum's place this year. D had a bunch of lovely gifts and a bath duck and Baby Born doll became his favourite toys he received.

At midday, we packed our things, jumped on a car and drove to my mum's place. That car journey was straight from hell, to be honest. D doesn't fall asleep in the car easily, (I know right!? A baby that doesn't fall asleep in the car easily), so we had a long journey. We had to stop four times and the normal three-hour drive took 4 hours. After we arrived at my mum's, D got to open more gifts. It's ridiculous how many gifts he received this Christmas - the car was full when we got back home.

Santa had dropped by a bunch of gifts for him and he also got his first skates. They were so tiny and adorable and I can't wait to get him to the ice to try them out.

On the Christmas Day, we jumped in the car and drove to my grandpa's place. It's something that I wait for each Christmas. Our family, my grandpa & his wife and my cousins. It's the best eating & chill deal for sure and this year D got to experience it for the very first time.

It was so nice. After stuffing our mouths full of food we headed back to our mums where D took a nap and then we went for a quick coffee before picking up D's godmother from her place. In the evening, we played some board games with my little brother and D was ready for bed at 8 PM already.

This was such a lovely family Christmas. Which makes me wonder that I should've gotten a baby before as our family Christmases from previous years haven't been that nice before. 
Well, there's a first for everything.
How was your Christmas?



  1. Ihanan näköinen joulu♥
    Hyvää uuttavuotta!


  2. We are not big on Christmas over here. For as long as I can remember, we've always celebrated the new year and that's the time children got gifts from Grandpa Frost.
    Nowadays a lot of families celebrate Chistmas and New Year, plus Santa Nicholas at the beginning of December, so the kids not only get gifts once, but three times. :)

    I'm glad you had a lovely time with your loved ones.


  3. Aww first Christmases are so special and lovely! Such a lovely day for him, complete sweetie! :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  4. Children always make everything looks magical this time of the year. I ma glad you had such a lovely time. Wish you all the best for the New Year as well!

  5. Super cute photos! Seems that you guys had some excellent family time during Christmas. 🎄 We were with my fiancees family and had a bit similar Christmas to yours. A lot of food, chilling and good food. 😄

  6. You had a good Christmas.....And I'm sure D liked his gifts...Have a lovely 2018 Jasmin

  7. There's nothing better than celebrate Christmas with family! D's first Christmas sounds wonderful and he got plenty of gifts..lovely! Btw, Happy New Year 🙂.


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