Today is the last page of 2017.
And oh boy, 2017 has been a year.
It's been a year of changes, adjustment and new experiences. So many new experiences.
It was also the first year when we didn't go abroad. Oh well, we did go to Sweden but it's so close and basically almost like Finland, but better, and they speak a different language there. This year has been huge.

The first of January was basically my first day off work being on the maternity leave. I started my maternity leave earlier because D was such a pain in my back and as physical work I had and when I'm one of those people who can't sit when they should sit down it was the best decision for me. Also, January is my birth month so I celebrated my birthday eating pizza & watching Netflix on our sofa mostly.

February was huge. I mean HUGE.
I stopped by at the doctor's check-up because apparently being pregnant had made my migraine even worse than it was. Even though, I had no clue about it. I thought I had pre-eclampsia. Well, I didn't, it was just the migraine. On 25th of February, I found myself from the Kätilöopisto hospital thinking I was in labour just to get told that nah, nothing had happened yet and I wasn't in labour. Though, I don't know what the midwife did when she checked me up because even though she told me that we'll be seeing on Monday or Tuesday, I found myself from there again at 3AM on February 26th.
If you want to take a look at our birth story, you'll find it here.

March was quite hard for me. I was planning D's name-giving party and trying to breastfeed. More that latter one. It was insanely difficult road while it lasted and eventually I had to give in. I want my son to be fed properly and I know all the benefits of breastfeeding, but it wasn't something that was going to happen in this household. Thanks to my genes and the size of my breasts. I fell in despair, I felt like a bad mother for not filling everyone's expectations as a breastfeeding mum. I was so disappointed in myself. I still kind of am, but it's in the past now and I've almost gotten over it. Of course, it hurts when people are slagging off mum's who aren't breastfeeding, but at that point, my only wish is to ask them to think outside their box. Not everyone is as lucky as you are, there are more reasons than "my boobs are getting ruined" if a woman isn't breastfeeding. If you want to read what went wrong in our breastfeeding, you'll find it here.

Dino got his name. I still feel awful for letting priest in our home, I like to keep our home as religion-free area as possible but once again "these things have always gone this way, let's not change them" and other bullshit I heard. I was already so exhausted from feeling like a disappointment that whole April went basically in a blur. I didn't care. If you want to read a story from the name-giving party, you'll find it here.

In May we had our first wedding anniversary and we attended a beautiful Spring wedding. This was a happy month, everything felt a bit brighter. Felt like everything started to fall to its place.
It also was one year since my great grandma passed away.

In June my cousin graduated.

July was a busy month for us. We went to Sweden for almost two weeks. It was so much fun, a bit different trip than a basic "let's get drunk on a 23-hour cruise". We went to Sweden by ship and it was D's very first ship trip. We visited J's cousin and his family in Fagersta, where his cousin did my tattoo and then we visited J's other cousin and his family in Tumba, which is pretty close to Stockholm. We popped by in Stockholm as well and went for a coffee with J's brother who lives in Stockholm, or somewhere nearby. We wished to visit J's aunt in Sundsvall as well but they were on vacation in Spain at that time so it wasn't possible, that's why our trip got shorter than expected.
Before our 1,5 weeks in Sweden, D and I spent a week at my mums. It was relaxing, in its own way. And after our trip we did a quick stop at my mums, picking up the guinea pigs and spent an evening in rock festival called Karmarock. Wow, July was pretty eventful.

In the beginning of the August, I had the best phone call of my life. I had gone to doctors in May, then again in June and now I got the call I was waiting for. It was about the breast reduction surgery where I wanted to go to. It was done in public healthcare service, mainly because I don't have 10000€ in my back pocket and because my situation was so bad I got in easily. Way too easy! For the very last day, I wasn't able to believe that I was finally getting rid of my breasts. Breasts that I never wanted but ones that my genes got me. If you want to read about my breast reduction surgery you'll find it here and if you want to read how everything felt two months after, you'll find it here.

September went by counting money and thinking about buying an own apartment. We actually found one, but someone managed to buy it before we did. Or how do you say it? The one who was selling the apartment accepted someone else's offer. It's weird af, you know, buying an apartment. The fact that you have to offer something, why can't we just pay what was asked for? Though, J handles these things. September also went by me not allowing to carry my own son, which was pretty hard and which I managed to keep not doing for two weeks after the surgery but after that, I did take it easy but god I carried him around everywhere.

We continued looking for apartments, counting money, realising that our rent is going to rise even more. We also figured out after chatting with several banks that we would save 400€/month in our living costs if we would pay the "rent" in our own pockets. So buying our own apartment would be the best solution for us, especially now when I'm living on allowances and our rent, in general, is so high. So after we got everything sorted with the bank we kept continuing to look for an apartment.

It's not located where I want it to be located. Can't say where it is because people I don't want to know where I'm living are reading my blog (yeah, hey A-E & P). But I kind of like where it's located. I've been told it's a good neighbourhood & quiet, which is good as the countryside person in me likes when things are quiet. And planes aren't supposed to fly over there and I'm glad they don't as I would lose my sleep at night. Funny, that I'm still not used to them.

We got the keys.
We changed the floors.
We painted.
We moved in.

Phew, what a year. Might want to take it easier next year? No? Okay.
How was your 2017?



  1. Sounds like you've had a challenging year but I'm glad to see it picked up and you managed to purchase your apartment!


  2. Congrats on such an eventful year. I'm glad we became blogging friends and I wish you all thest in 2018

  3. Oh wow! Your year has for sure been full of new and amazing things and events. I started to think what have I done during the last couple months and I ended up a list that was studying and working for every month haha. I guess that wouldn't make very interesting post lol. 😂

  4. You had wonderful year Jasmin! Wish you all the best for the New Year! Happy New Year for you and your lovely family!

  5. Haha..you sure had an eventful 2017.it feels good to read your summary....I feel like I literally read all your blog posts...Nice finding your blog and cheers to sticking around in 2018...

  6. Wow! What a 2017! 2017 for me has been huge to has I also had a baby in February :) 24th Feb so just 2 days before you. I’ve only just found your blog today and am loving it, so relatable. I’ve just joined the blogging world
    Am @themumaffairs on twitter, will go and give you a follow now, looking forward to browsing around your blog more.
    Random fact: Jasmin (Jassy) was my penname in my teenage years!

  7. What a monumental year you had (and I'm so glad you choose to share so much with your readers so we can be here through it all)!!! Here's to a wonderful 2018!!

  8. It sounds like you had a busy year! I'll be saving for out own house this year :)
    Sophie - www.novemberblonde.co.uk

  9. Sounds like you had a very challenging and busy 2017, I hope 2018 is treating you well so far! x

    Han | lifewithhan.blog


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