Oh my wow, guess who is officially two months away from his first birthday? It's insane how fast the time is flying. It's also insane that I'm currently sitting on the sofa, in our new living room in the light of the Christmas tree and everything feels so cosy. So, what has happened during the month? How D has evolved?

We have reduced using the dummy. It's only in his mouth when he feels like it if it happens to be along the way when he crawls somewhere close to it. He might take it and put it in his mouth or leave it just as it is and get it later. Also, he uses dummy when he's napping and sleeping at night, so that's something we don't want to take away just yet. It's just relieving to know he's not that addicted to it and when the time comes when we're donating them to baby squirrels he'll be okay with that.

D talks a lot. I said this in the last update as well, but he babbles all the time. Everywhere. If we're in a restaurant he might be a bit quiet at first but when he warms up it's a never-ending road haha. He's said "Äiti" (=mum) for a couple of times and is constantly saying "Mamma" (=mum in Swedish) & "Pappa"(=dad in Swedish). I think they are easier for him, even though we haven't taught him Swedish at all. Don't know why he does that, but each time he's coming towards me he babbles Mamma and each time he's going towards J he babbles Pappa. Odd. But yeah, no words yet. Accidental ones but not anything that would mean something.

D has also learned some new tricks. He's bouncy chair, our shoe shelves and our tv-stand are the places I have needed to pick him up lately. He knows how to climb. And he climbs fast.
He also walks with support pretty effortlessly and tries to stand up without holding onto anything. Damn, where is my baby?

WE ALSO GOT OUR FIRST TOOTH. I think that was worth mentioning. After months of being grumpy and sleeping badly, we finally have our first tooth and it's pretty amazing. Actually, it was so amazing that he decided to start and grow another one. It's not through yet but based on his mood and sleeping habits it's pretty close. (after I wrote this post we found the second tooth, so he's got two teeth in his mouth now!)

We also have started giving him the food we eat. I'm so done with having seven different pots on the stove just because D needs to eat different food. And no, I'm not going to buy him jar food from the store because A) it's disgusting and B) D doesn't want to eat it. Which I casually forgot to mention to J's mum when he picked D up to stay over the night at her place. Whoops.
Anyhow, we take some to aside to his plate before seasoning and he seems to be enjoying so why not. Aren't they supposed to be eating same food with us when they turn 1?

So that's pretty much it for this month. Can't wait to see what next month will bring to us! Another tooth perhaps? Who knows. It's exciting af.



  1. Ahh I can't believe he's 10 months old already! Time is going past so fast... I bet he'll be walking on his own in no time!

    Sarah | www.justbuttonsblog.co.uk

  2. How adorable! Happy 10 months!


  3. For sure time has past super fast! I remember while you were waiting D to born - and soon we can read about his first bday. That's crazy and cool. :)

  4. He grows up so fast! And he is adorable! Hope you had a magic Christmas day! Kisses!

  5. This photo is so gorgeous btw!

    Morgan x

  6. Its amazing to see these little ones grow. They are so adorable. I know the 2 little teeth are the cutest.

  7. MY heart is melting into a pool of love!!!! How adorable is he! I hope that you document is growth every month until he's 18 and then you can gift him a piece of your blog as a gift to him!



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